Lost At Sea
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
8:00 - Live music by Lost Tricks (details below)
8:30 - Films adrift at sea and space

Tickets for the ferries will be available at the Slip.

On Governors Island (in Manhattan Harbor).
Ferries leave from Slip 7 at the Battery Maritime Building across from Broad Street in Lower Manhattan, adjacent to the Staten Island/Whitehall Ferry Terminal. DIRECTIONS
Departing on the hour from 2:00pm - 8:00pm.
$6 round trip ticket.

Rain Date: August 13, closing day of the Set and Drift Exhibition
in the Governors Island Movie Theater
Call (877) 786-1912 for updates, or visit our website.
Ferry reservations will be valid for August 13.

Dress warmly (it's cooler on the on an island than in the streets).

Lost At Sea
In 2004, 1,500 people came to a Rooftop Films show on Governors Island and we still had to turn away thousands. This year, we're celebrating the opening of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Set and Drift, a month-long exhibition on Governors Island, www.lmcc.net/setanddrift.

On an island that's been kept an open secret for 200 years, hidden in the shadow of Manhattan—with abandoned mansions, forts, and a Burger King dotting the leafy landscape—Rooftop Films and the LMCC present an evening of films about people and places that have been abandoned, forgotten, or willfully set adrift. From a swashbuckling animated Ahab hunting an elusive egg, to an abandoned astronaut and his ghostly friends, from a boat full of pirate monkeys to a housing project of haunted furniture, this show is sure to dazzle and amuse. As part of an ongoing art installation, the films will enhance the ideas of isolation and reclamation. Come get lost with Rooftop Films and the LMCC.


Egg (Benh Zeitlin / Brooklyn, NY / 8:47)
A rollicking high seas adventure featuring a mixture of sophisticated animation and live action chicken-creatures, with an egg beater Ahab going down the giblet to a gastronomical demise. The film that won the 2005 Grand Jury Prize for Best Animated Short at Slamdance returns to New York for a grand, new screening.

Moonraker (Fran Krause / New York, NY / 8:00)
Another beautiful and mysteriously amusing short from Fran Krause (Mr. Smile, Rooftop 7/23/04) about a content but lonely astronaut stranded on a haunted moon. This is a startlingly funny and poignant film about exploration, honing in on how humanity affects the universe with our seemingly harmless intrepid investigations. The moon is watching.

Return I Will to Old Brazil
(Alexsey Budovsky / St. Petersburg, Russia / 4:00)
A mellow and fun flash animation starring a boatload of pirate monkeys, from Russia's top pop animator, Aleksey Budkovsky (Bathtime in Clerkenwell, Rooftop 7/23/04). One sure way to get lost at sea is to let the monkey steer the ship.

Here After
(Patrick Jolly, Rebecca Trost, Inger Lise Hansen / Dublin, Ireland / 12:00)
In 2004, the city of Dublin decided that the giant Ballymun housing projects were so wrought with violence, poverty and decay, that there was no hope in saving them. Over 30,000 people were relocated to new, smaller scale housing, and the giants were torn down. But before their final destruction, the city commissioned works of art to document their existence. This beautiful experimental film gives life to the detritus, with crashing mattresses, imploding couches, dancing floor tiles and more. With a combination of stop-motion animation and live action destruction, the directors cast a somber horror-film tone and the sense that the buildings long for their people.

Miles Above (Michael Welt / Albany, CA / 25:00)
Two years ago, hundreds of amateur videographers brought their families and their cameras out at dawn to witness the re-entry of the space shuttle Columbia. These home movies changed their lives forever, and Mike Welt has combined their revealing footage with the official feed from inside NASA headquarters to create an extraordinarily personal documentation of this national disaster.

Roswell (Bill Brown / Austin, TX / 18:00)
Courtesy of Peripheral Produce
In this action-packed experimental documentary, Bill Brown drifts through New Mexico trying to find out what caused that lonely spacecraft to crash land in a tiny town in American desert half a century ago.

Sub! (Jesse Schmal / New York, NY / 8:30)
Courtesy of Square Footage Films and the Avoid Eye Contact DVD
Perhaps a metaphor for the decline of the Soviet Empire, perhaps a treatise on the vulgarization of mass culture and the decline of religiosity, or perhaps simply a surreal short about the crew of a miniature submarine attempting to save their captain from being splattered about the ground of a European plaza in which thugs battle nuns in a game of soccer, dogs disapprove of gourmet delicacies, and Vespa-riding Eurotrash make clumsy passes at a violent femme fatale.

Lost Tricks, a piano-driven pop trio, is based around the compelling mini-epic pop songs of Trevor Oswalt. The group's high energy sound has drawn comparisons to Keane, Coldplay, Ben Forlds, and Beck. Lost Tricks' new EP merges sounds of the 70s and 80s with their distinct piano pop electro combination.