Romance 2: Love and Longing
Sweet films about sad hearts: romantic short films in a romantic setting.

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SAT., AUGUST 11, 2007
9:00 PM - Doors Open -- Please note the later start!

9:15 PM - Live music by Air Waves
9:45 PM -
The films

On the lawn along the Gowanus Canal at The Yard
400 Carroll Street (btw. Bond / Nevins - Carroll Gardens)
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M / R to Union, walk 2 blocks south to a left on Carroll.
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Sunday, August 12. Check or call
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$8 at the door or online.
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Love and Longing
Desire glows like hot coals; passion burns like a fire. Heartbreak is like the sound of shattering glass; depression like walking on it. But longing is something more ineffable, hard to identify or even locate. Longing could be hidden in the weeds of former bomb testing fields, in the stories you tell to disguise your real life (Bomb); or it could be undiscovered, under the covers and in mock battlefield games (Peace Talk). Longing could be defined as the things you can’t quite say when you finally get to talk to her (The Back of her Head), or it could be the feeling that slowly slips away the next day (The Morning Sun). You can look down romantically named alleys (The A-Z of Love) or post carefully photoshopped internet messages (A Valentine to Perfect Strangers), try to wrap it up and ship it back home, but longing will slip away like love letters written in clouds (Women of Japan). The films in this program point a camera into the shadows of our hearts and give voice to this inexpressible feeling.

Women of Japan (Nigel Coan & Ivana Zorn | United Kingdom | 4:56)
A simple creature goes on a dark, surreal love odyssey in this lovely animated music video for The Ralfe Band, a circus-like British freak-folk orchestra.

The A-Z of Love (Lee Kern | United Kingdom | 4:00)
Rooftop Films favorite cynical young Brit looks for romance on England's Lover's Lanes.

Bomb (Ian Olds | New York, NY | 13:50)
What starts as an innocent flirtation between two teenagers in an old bombing range on the edge of town goes askew when a trip home reveals a chaotic, adult world that seeks to subvert their friendship. From the co-director of Occupation: Dreamland.

Peace Talk (Jenifer Malmqvist | Sweden | 14:00)
Little Jonna and her friend Emilie play at being soldiers, but Jonna’s mother doesn’t approve of the course their game takes in this beautiful exploration of youthful emotions.

Conversation (Lev | San Francisco, CA | 3:33)
Picking out a movie with his girlfriend, Lev finds how touchy the subject of taste in film can be. (Part of Lev's series, "The 7 Habits of Highly Negative People.")

All Day Long (Andrew Semans | Brooklyn, NY | 22:00)
Flush with first love, two teenagers cut school to spend the day together. All Day Long is a bittersweet portrait of the frustrations of adolescence and the persistent unwillingness of reality to meet expectations.

A Valentine to Perfect Strangers (Ben Coonley | Brooklyn, NY | 5:00)
Otto, a feral cat from Brooklyn, has created a postmodern pastiche for you, stranger.

The Back of her Head (Joshua Safdie | Brooklyn, NY | 21:14)
This is a story about him, who lives above an older Hindi man, who lives above a delinquent British guy, who lives on top of her. It is the back of her head that he is in love with.

How to Break up with Your Girlfriend
(Lev | San Francisco, CA | 2:00)

Lev, the king of animated heartbreak and frustration, explicates on his processes. (Part of Lev's series, "Tales of Mere Existence.")

Men Understand Each Other (Marjan Alizadej | Iran | 8:00)
A man gets a call from a friend seeking comfort when his wife hasn't arrived back home in this fascinating and subtle study of confidence, betrayal and power in romance.

The Morning Sun (Bryan Wizemann | Brooklyn, NY | 5:30)
A woman wakes up, takes a shower, gets dressed, and leaves the house. In this fascinating and ephemeral film -- a study in the use of available light and narrative restraint -- it's up the audience to string together the pieces of her morning, and the night before.

I’m Not Going to Think About Her (Lev | San Francisco, CA | 1:30)
In one of Lev's funniest and most touching shorts, his list of things he's not going to think about exposes his raw and detailed emotional attachment. (Part of Lev's series, "The 7 Habits of Highly Negative People.")

Music: Airwaves

Before the films, Airwaves will be performing a bit of their uniquely catchy, folksy pop. Check out their charming little tunes onMySpace and read below some of what people have been saying about them.

"Most new acts with a footing in the folk tradition tend to embrace the serene and the fragile, but one gets the feeling that Brooklyn's quirky Air Waves broke away from the pack long ago. Singer/guitar player Nicole Schneit tears through her stilted, acoustic punk like a bull in the china shop—more than a languid fairy on a lily pad—and that suits me just fine."
--JOSH BLANCHARD (Portland Mercury April 2006)

"Songs this good don't really need any thinking or talking about."
- Popsheet

Favorite New Band Air Waves: "Nicole Schneit is an amazing songwriter. The music she writes is like a favorite blanket wrapped around you. Drummer Dave Ferraro complements her songs well. "Shine On" is my current favorite song by them."
--DAN DEACON, Pitchfork