Hip Hop Revolution

Heroic youths rise up in South Africa, inspired by hip hop to battle oppression and reclaim their country.

Wednesday, July 18 2007
8:30 - Music
9:00 - Film
Admission: FREE
TRT: 48:00

In the Amphitheater at Medgar Evers College | DIRECTIONS
Beford Avenue between Crown and Empire (map).
In the event of rain the show will be rescheduled for Thursday, July 19.
Call 718.417.7362 for additional information.

Presented in partnership with the National Black Programming Consortium,, New York magazine & Council Member Letitia James.

Hip Hop Revolution
Hip-hop Revolution is a forty eight minute documentary looking at the intergration of hip-hop culture with state of emergency politics in the 1980’s, and it’s role as a tool in revolution in post-apartheid South Africa. The 1980’s was the time of heroic youth uprising on the Cape Flats, together with limited freedom of expression. Given, the culture of repression in South Africa at the time, the hip-hop sub-culture was a form of ventilation to youth on the Cape Flats and elsewhere in the country. Hip-hop also politically informed many young people in South Africa. It is believed that hip-hop in South Africa started on the Cape Flats, my film therefore focuses on the Cape Flats. It also briefly examines, via the experiences of central characters the apartheid Group Areas Act with the forced removal of families from District Six into ghetto housing. The film also reflects the socio-political situation in South Africa at present, with particular focus on the current economic disparities between a rich minority and a poor majority.