Thursday, September 13th, 2007
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Rooftop Films and The Independent Film Channel present

Feature-length documentary directed by Luke Meyer & Andrew Neel
Produced by Tom Davis and Ethan Palmer
New York Sneak Preview

Travel deep into the woods of Maryland to the world of Darkon, a parallel universe in which cafe clerks become armored warriors and stay-at-home dads lead rebellions against despotic emperors.

Watch the Amazing Trailer | Official Website | MySpace Page
8:30 - Live Music by Jonah Rapino
9:00 - Movie Begins
11:00-1AM -After Party at Bar Matchless
Free Show! RSVP HERE!
On the lawn of Automotive High School
50 Bedford Ave, between N. 12th and Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
In the event of rain the show is indoors at the same location.

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Presented in partnership with -, & Automotive High School.

Darkon (Luke Meyer and Andrew Neal | New York/Maryland | 1:30:00)
Warriors from the realm of Darkon will battle LIVE on the lawn before the show and the filmmakers will be present for the screening and a Q and A after the film.

Come out to the lawn of Automotive High School to see a New York Sneak Preview of this extraordinary new documentary before it begins its New York theatrical engagement at Cinema Village and its broadcast premiere on IFC in October.

DARKON is a feature documentary that follows the real-life adventures of an unusual group of weekend "warrior knights," fantasy role-playing gamers whose live action "battleground" is modern-day Baltimore, Maryland, re-imagined as a make-believe medieval world named Darkon. These live action gamers combine the physical drama of historical re-enactments with character-driven storylines inspired in part by such perennial favorite fantasy epics like the legends of King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, and the saga of Conan the Barbarian. As role players, they create alter-egos with rich emotional, psychological, and social lives. They costume themselves and physically act out their characters exploits both in intimate court intrigue and campouts and in panoramic battle scenarios involving competitive strategies, convincingly real props, and full contact "combat." Because real life so often gets in the way, its easy to understand these players motivations. Everybody wants to be a hero.

Darkon is truly one of the most entertaining documentaries that Rooftop Films has ever screened (watch the trailer here and you will get some sense of how much fun it is). But Darkon is also a genuinely thoughtful and accomplished film produced by a crew of talented young filmmakers.

So go to this page on, and RSVP to get in free!

If you miss the film at the Rooftop show (or if you are dying to see it again) you can check out the New York Premiere:

Friday September 14th, 2007 (Two Weeks Only)
Cinema Village
22 East 12th Street
New York, NY 10003

Music: Jonah Rapino

Before the film, composer Jonah Rapino will perform music from the Darkon soundtrack live as Darkon warriors battle each other live on the lawn. Listen to clips from the score on his MySpace page or on CD Baby

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