Black + White = Grey

Quirky comedies, startling dramas, and powerful political documentaries about racial misunderstandings, subtle deceptions, and flat-out lies.

Saturday, June 2, 2007
8:30 - Live music by Noble Society (click for details)
9:00 - Short Films
Admission: FREE
TRT: 1:31

On the lawn of Fort Greene Park | CLICK for DIRECTIONS
N. Portland Ave and Myrtle Ave.
In the event of rain the show will be rescheduled for Sunday, June 3.
Call 718.417.7362 for additional information.

Presented in partnership with, New York magazine, Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership & Council Member Letitia James.

The Zellner Bros.' Quasar Hernandez

Black + White = Grey
Brooklyn is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse places on the planet. Tight-knit communities and deep-rooted cultures border and intersect with each other. Misunderstandings are inevitable; clashes arise. And in the density of urban living, those tensions often enter the home.

The aim of this film series (with more screenings at Medgar Evers College in July and in Fort Greene Park in August) is to bring together some of the different communities in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bedford-Stuyvesant and the surrounding areas. This program of short films is about how we interact when we do come together. Whether we’re making up a story to protect a loved one, or lying to protect ourselves, these films show neighbors, lovers, families and total strangers learning to communicate.


Last Stop (Tatiana Doroshenko & Greg Williams | Melbourne, Australia | 5:00)
Eight passengers riding on a bus. One is a Middle Eastern man.

Baker's Men (Tamika Guishard | Brooklyn, NY | 5:20)
In this dynamic documentary about a local institution, the bakers at Fort Greene's Cake Man Raven show off their skills with the cakes and the customers.

Silences (Octavio Warnock-Graham | New York, NY | 20:00)
The director explores his bi-racial heritage and confronts his mother and her refusal to acknowledge that he is of African-American descent. While trying to understand his mother's choices, and meeting his father for the first time, the filmmaker discovers that too often the truth reveals itself in the unspoken.

Surface of Things (Keith Davis | Brooklyn, NY | 11:30)
Sometimes it’s harder to find a way to talk than it is to come to a decision. In this subtle but powerful drama, a young couple struggles to communicate when a life-altering choice in on the line.

Quasar Hernandez (Nathan & David Zellner | Austin, TX | 10:00)
In this sweet, realist narrative, an intergalactic space warrior and his big brother sit on a playground swing and talk about the future, before bidding each other a fond “Quasar Hernandez.”

Pop Foul (Moon Molson | New York, NY | 20:00)
In this brilliantly scripted and acted drama, a young boy tries to understand his obligation to the truth while mediating between his bickering parents.

Still Standing (Youth Organizers TV | New York, NY | 8:00)
Ms. Gertrude is a determined New Orleans homeowner and grandmother, but after Hurricane Katrina, she has been forced to travel regularly from temporary housing in Houston to what remains of her home. She’s willing to do the work to rebuild, but hasn’t received the same treatment as her neighbors, who happen to be white and affluent.
Courtesy of the Media That matters Festival.

Scaredycat (Andy Blubaugh | Portland, OR | 13:00)

After being mugged and beaten, the filmmaker conducts a stunning interview with one of his attackers, and uses a mix of documentary and animation to examine contemporary criminal justice and his own potentially racist fears.

Filling the mysterious void of credible reggae artists in America is Brooklyn's Noble Society. Crowned Kings of urban reggae, Noble Society blends cultural sounds with a feverish aesthetic of showmanship and intensity. A group of classically trained musicians led by deejay Jahdan, internationally known for his work on the classics "Sound Bwoy Bureill" and D&D Soundclash" as well as his features with Branford Marsalis, DJ Premier, Dead Prez and Bootcamp Clik. After complementing so many for so long, Jahdan is now stepping to the forefront as Urban reggae's leading frontman, flanked by Delie and guitarist Diego Campo. You can hear their music and read more about them on their website and MySpace page.