Animation Block Party
Fantastic short 'toons from Animation Block Party

FRI., July 27, 2007
8:30 - Live Music by Demander
9:00 - Movies Begin
11:30-1AM -After Party: Open Bar at Bar Matchless
(557 Manhattan Avenue @ Driggs)
Courtesy of Dewar's Scotch Whisky and Martin Miller's Gin

On the lawn of Automotive High School

50 Bedford Ave, between N. 12th and Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
In the event of rain the show is indoors at the same location.

Book Drive at All Automotive Shows:

Donate your old books to the Automotive library! Details HERE

Tickets -$8 at the door or online HERE
Ticket include FREE open bar at Bar Matchless

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Animation Block Party
Some call it punk rock, some call it grass roots, but labels aside - NYC
based Animation Block Party is dedicated to exhibiting the world's best
independent, professional and student animation. This summer from July
27-30, 2007 – Animation Block Party will screen nearly one hundred
animated shorts ranging in genre and theme. Every night of the festival
will culminate with an excellent after party as described at:

Sopranos Ending Revealed – Martin Abrahams (45 seconds)

A classic animators re-interprets the ending to the ultimate new
millennium television show.

Hell’s Angels Safehouse – Ashley Holzwasser (2:15 min)
Based on true events, a friend describes her experiences in Lynn,
Massachusetts at a Hells Angels safe house. This is a hand-drawn ink and
marker piece.

The Powers That Be – Will White (3:00 min)
Undercover butt-kicking takes on a new name in this short thriller.

Infinite Justice – Karl Tebbe (2:15 min)
Taking fragments from war reports shown on German television - Iraq war at
its best - and reconstructing them frame by frame with action figures sold
in the USA. This isn't Disney. Not Team America. This is war. And we have
friends on both sides.

Symbol – Ron Crawford (1:20 min)
Visual interpretations of the peace sign.

The Return of Sargeant Pecker – Pierre Delarue (2:00 min)
The Return of Sergeant Pecker is a romantic comedy.

Brain Wash – Woodrow Martin (1:36 min)
Sometimes you just need to clean your head.

Crapass – Mike Chiechi (2:06 min)
Don’t look in the toilet or you might find crapass.

Peeper – Luis Cerritos (3:50 min)
A teenager with sexy neighbors.

Little Guys – David Pagano (2:56 min)
Lego parody of/homage to the toy commercials during the late '80s/early '90s.

Barney The Terrier – Anny Slater (1:20 min)
Barney, The White House Scottish Terrier talks with his Secret Service
security guard about life in the White House.

The Wisdom Tooth – Philippa Rice (3:39 min)
A man discovers that his new wisdom tooth can speak to him and give him
'wise' advise.

Flowers of Evil – Adam Ansorge (15 seconds)
Flowers make bad friends.

Ugly – Dan Lundquist (2:48 min)
The story of a person who believes themselves the ugliest person in the
world and how they deal with it.

Peanut Butter Fish Pockets – Steve Stark (2:00 min)
First we select only the finest of dead fish. We place them in a pastry
pocket and inject it with peanut butter. Then we leave the pockets in the
sun for weeks until they are just right.

The Ghost of Sam Peckinpah – Jason Brewer (15 min)
A young, gritty cowboy named Jack Yeager stirs up the town of Deep Sands,
Utah, and wakes the ghost of legendary filmmaker Sam Peckinpah. Together
they march into the heart of Hollywood on a mission to put the capital W
back in Western.

Polka - Rodolfo Collado Hernandez (5:25 min)
A whimsical animated story about a shy, young girl who tries to establish
a conversation with an interesting stranger.

Type A – R. Smith (1:54 min)
A humorous look at a Type A person’s anger getting the best of him as he
tries to write a letter

Blunted – Lamar Sanders (30 sec)
Getting stoned outside the Quickie Mart is not always a good idea.

Shut Eye Hotel – Bill Plympton (7:03 min)
Two detectives try to solve mysterious disappearances at a local hotel.

Flock Off – Matt Lee (1:00 min)
Birds are often full of poop.

Manning – Anton Bogaty (4:22 min)
A boy encounters strange entities one afternoon while playing in his bedroom.

The Legend of Cranky Verne – Laika (45 sec)
Just leave Crank Verne alone, he’s cranky.

Untitled – Anthony Mair (3:45 min)
The poignant tale of a boy and his lizard.

Stoned Wheat – Jake Friedman (1:58 min)
A short cartoon that takes a stupid pun out of control.

Atomic Banana – Erik Kling (4:50 min)
Intellectually enhanced chimp versus cruel genius in a battle for the
ultimate prize...Bananas!

Ivan’s Act – Emmett Goodman (3:42 min)
A stop motion look at a fumbling magician.

After School Midnight – Hitoshi Takekiyo (6:55 min)
An biology skeleton However, when the veil of night goes down with a sound
of bell that notifies end of class,_A school turns into a stage for his
show time!

The Meatrix 2 1/2 – Sustainable Table and Free Range Studios, Louis Fox (2:46 min)
The Meatrix as our heroes Moopheus, Leo, and Chickity take on another
facet of industrial agriculture - meat processing.

Music: Demander

"It's music with sick beats, high energy, attitude, affection, and promise. Think of that feeling when you find $20 in your pocket, that's what Demander is." -Strapp

Who is Demander?
" They are a team of crime fighters. Interpretive dance coaches. Musicians, entrepreneurs, people I shared a cab with. Individually they are Karen, Sivan, and Jared." -Strapp

Book Drive for Automotive High School

As part of the their ongoing efforts to improve the educational environment for their students, this year Automotive High School is making efforts to substantially expand their library. Of course, the most important thing in the library is the books, so if you want to help out a public high school that is chronically short of funding, drop off your old books at any Rooftop show at Automotive High and they will be added to the library's collection. Pretty much any and every book is useful, but remember that these are high school students, so your graduate school text books might not be that useful to them! But novels, age-appropriate textbooks, non-fiction and historical books and just about everything else is very useful and would be much appreciated.