Quiet City
There are no longer tickets available online, but there WILL be tickets available at the door to watch the film outdoors in our lovely courtyard, so come on out to the show tonight and see a wonderful film and meet the filmmaker afterwards!

Feature drama directed by Aaron Katz
New York Sneak Preview

Lost in Brooklyn, a young-woman catches on with a friendly slacker in this neo-realist New York romance about the possibilities that arise when you have no idea what you're doing.

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SAT., AUGUST 4, 2007
8:30 PM -
Live Music by the Creaky Boards
9:00 PM -
The Film

On the roof of The Old American Can Factory

232 Third Street @ Third Avenue
Gowanus, Brooklyn (Between Carroll Gardens and Park Slope)
In the event of rain the show is indoors at the same location.
Tickets -$8 at the door or online.
Ticket includes FREE admission to the reception after the screening, with complimentary chilled Beaujolais courtesy of Licensed to Chill.

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QUIET CITY (Aaron Katz | Brooklyn, NY | 81 min)
Rooftop Films is thrilled to present the New York premiere of this very New York film. The director, cast and crew will be on hand for a Q & A and reception following the screening.

Jamie is 21. She's from Atlanta. She's come to Brooklyn to visit her friend Samantha, but she can't find her. Jamie tries calling, but Samantha's phone is dead. Jamie meets Charlie when she asks him for directions. Nothing to do and nothing but time leads them to bowls of coleslaw, footraces in the park, art shows, and after parties. Quiet City is a exploration of connection between strangers and the possibilities that arise when you have no idea what you're doing.

Quiet City follows a simple story, but director Aaron Katz penned a 120-page script which provided the platform for improvised character development that is endearing and insightful. The two actors, Erin Fisher and Cris Lankenau, had never really met before the 6-day shoot began, so the learning and exploring process we see on screen is very real. Apparently the camera rolled and rolled on the pair, sometimes going for takes as long as 35 minutes (hot swapping out digital memory cards to keep recording). The results are delicate camera work, austere sound, and rich, engaging performances.

Here at Rooftop Films, we love to discover New York's secret spaces. There's something magical about finding a lonely rooftop which feels untrodden by the millions of urban inhabitants, or a vantage point that reveals the metropolis in a whole new way. Quiet City is gorgeously filmed all around Rooftop Films' home base in Gowanus and Park Slope, Brooklyn, and what Katz and his tight crew have discovered is indeed a unique perspective for New York – they found solace.

You can sense the influence of the filmmaker's pastoral North Carolina background in his treatment of NYC, but in essence the Katz and his crew lovingly captured a side of New York that not many people, and certainly not many non-natives, are ever able to appreciate: the wistful solitude you can find, particularly when you’re falling in love, when you’re able to shut the world out and serenely drift through the streets of America's most bustling town.

QUIET CITY WILL ALSO BE PLAYING AT THE IFC CENTER BEGINNING ON AUGUST 29. Come to this sneak preview and tell your friends to check it out in theaters!
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The Music: The Creaky Boards
Creaky Boards is some kind of indie rock. The band draws on vocal-heavy motown symphonic pop. Yes, Andrew loves and borrows heavily from Beach Boys and Phil Spector. Creaky Boards is phasing out countryish elements and Tom Waits-ish elements, amplifying punk elements, and phasing in dark electronica elements. It's a bit eclectic, but you know the sound when you hear it.

Creaky Boards performs in New York City. Steadily releasing art on the internet. Working on a 2007 full length album. We are being-in-a-band.

Watch their new music video, "I'm So Serious (This Time)" below and listen to their music on MySpace