The Romantic Version
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Friday, June 24th, 2005
8:30 - Live music by Meanwhiles (details below)
9:00 - Short flings with love, lust, and loss

Outdoors at Automotive High School
50 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
In the event of rain the show is indoors at the same location.

The Romantic Version
Love doesn't make any sense. Here we are, trying to survive. We need food, shelter, warmth. Maybe it helps to pair off: get a husband to go hunting, or a girlfriend to help us kick our drug habit. Seems simple, but why do we complicate it so?

Why do we desire people we can never have: a woman in a movie filmed years before we were born, a faceless worker on the forbidden side of the factory, a flower? Why do we sink so desperately into love that we can only harm ourselves, jumping out a window into a pillbox pool, locking ourselves away and starving just to be together? Why do we ignore our lovers, fixating on the lights, the sights the squiggles anything but the needs of the people we care so much about? Why is love so hard?

The fact is, we like a little pain with our pleasure. We like to chase the unattainable, to play a game of pushing people away and winning them back. Our lives are not always as passionate as we want. The easy way through makes for a dull tale. And so we are all always -- obsessively, lovingly -- telling and recreating a better version, the romantic version.


The Romantic Version (Darren Morey / Seattle, WA / 7:40)
There are times when love comes so easily, you take it for granted. In this home movie, a young couple tells the story of their spark and their flameout. Now, cuddling and joking in a noisy bar, they're back together after years apart, and their passion is clear. But that presents a couple new problems.

Heartbreaker (Mark Elijah Rosenberg / Brooklyn, NY / 2:30)
Memories of a girl, a wishing well, the lights of Chung King Road, Los Angeles, from the nights when we didn't communicate, but wandered and watched sharing a wish without knowing it. "I know not, and I ask not, if guilt's in thy heart. I but know that I love thee, whatever thou art." Music by Lucky Dragons.

Sheree (Colin Palombi / Chicago, IL / 13:00)
A sweetly melancholy true story about a young manĒs love affair with a faded exotic dancer discovered on a 16mm reel of film found in a church basement.

No Cinderella Story (Michael Keenan / Staten Island, NY / 7:00)
courtesy of The Lab Sponsored by HBO
17-year-old Michael finds out what his friends are up to, and it's all about getting down. This fast and fun documentary about teen sex in the city reveals that kids today -- with divorce prevalent among their parents and smokes and booze easy to come by -- know that there's a difference between sex and love, and between romance and "friends with benefits."

Kare Kare Zvako (Mother's Day)
(Tsitsi Dangaremga / Mutoko, Zimbabwe / 30:00)
When food is hard to come by, particularly in rural Africa, sacrifices need to be made. But these aren't the necessarily the sacrifices you'd expect. A joyful and gruesome musical folk tale directed by the internationally acclaimed novelist of Nervous Conditions.

The Fan and the Flower (Bill Plympton / New York, NY / 7:00)
Oh how love can twist your head around. This film is about an ill-fated and unconsummated romance between two unlikely partners, with a magical fairytale ending. The newest animated short from 'toon master Bill Plympton features the voice of Paul Giamatti (Sideways, American Splendor).

Hopeless Romantic (Bill Burg / Brooklyn, NY / 4:30)
When your kindergarten crush won't pay any attention to you, there's only one way to make her take notice: crazy injury-inducing stunts. And in this crisp computer animation, it just might work.

Communications Factory (Jen Sachs / Los Angeles, CA / 6:30)
The irony of our modern communication technology is that in a world of cell-phones and email, face to face interactions are becoming a thing of the past. At the communications factory, one man creates a new, more basic use for a microchip, refracting a rainbow of light as a romantic beacon.

Dream Lover Fondue (Trixy Sweetvittles / Burbank, CA / 6:00)
Sometimes you go looking for love, and find ghostly hot dogs, lollipops and flowers. This is a new film about nostalgia, using found footage and fanciful effects. With hand-processed 16mm footage of lifeĒs charming oddities and layers of animated doodles, the film encourages the viewer to examine the role of the solo adult and delve into a subconscious journey of the romantic and whimsical heart.

I'd Rather Be Dead Than Live in this World
(Andrew Semans / Brooklyn, NY / 17:00)
Society creates doubt, so a pair of new lovers decide to withdraw from the world completely, losing their jobs, their friends, their lives, but finding love. A crazy, desperate and hopeful film.

Unlike most of their Brooklyn, NY contemporaries, Meanwhiles' music does not echo the kinetic, traffic clamor of the city itself, but rather the exhausted beauty of the people continually caught up in its whirlwind. Powerful and affecting, their debut record, "The Nights Rewind," is a masterpiece of modern noise and sound. Mp3s and info available at