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A Companion Guide to Rooftop Films is our zine. We're hoping to bring out another issue at some point in the future.

At the very heart of A Companion Guide to Rooftop Films is the short, independent film. Hand in hand with this come all things visual, moving and still, and other things independent, not pertaining solely to the film world. It is a forum for filmmakers, programmers, viewers, and thinkers to connect across the country and the world, trading ideas, expanding their viewpoints, and learning about each other while remaining independent. We want to facilitate dialogue, to help independent voices stretch across the country and meet, share ideas, and remain autonomous.

As a venue for thought, the Companion Guide addresses different sides of contemporary culture in the nature of articles about making and watching films; interviews with filmmakers and festival programmers; pieces broadening the discussion on short films of all sorts—from narrative to experimental to home movie to documentary to video installation; other sorts of writing, including satire and fiction; drawings, cartoons, and photography; and articles about independent organizations, both film-related and others that may be of interest to filmmakers. Ultimately, this zine represents today, the world as seen from the rooftop, filled with inspiration and possibility.

The magazine opens with a discussion of short film followed by a profile of a microcinema. The first specific section is Shoot, on the business and art of making films, and opens with a Do-It-Yourself piece (previous articles include how to host your own outdoor film festival and how to get your film distributed), and moves into articles by filmmakers about filmmaking. The second section, Write, is more ephemeral. It is here that we address the other aspects of the visual, the inspired, the inspiring. The third section, Watch, is about watching films, programming festivals, and attending festivals, and usually has several pieces, including an interview with a person or group who runs a festival.

We are interested in all things related to film and the visual. If anything sparks your imagination—if you have an article to write or a subject to interview or a film festival to review, or a picture or painting or cartoon to shar—send it to us. The Companion Guide to Rooftop Films projects your words into the world. Please contribute to our discussion.