Rooftop Films takes one dollar of every ticket sold at all our shows and puts it toward the Filmmakers' Fund. At the end of each year, all filmmakers whose films have screened are eligible to apply for grants for their future productions. We believe that instead of giving each filmmaker $10, giving away a few larger sums (up to $2,000) toward specific projects is a better way to help the filmmakers and the independent filmmaking community in general.

Support the Fund!
And here's where you come in: we're coming to you—filmmakers, audience, fans, and others—requesting outside donations for equipment, money, and (perhaps most likely) airline miles. You know all those airline miles you (or your mom or your sister or your husband) have accumulated on business trips? With all the financial difficulties facing the airline industry at present, you never know when your airline will go out of business and all your miles will be rendered useless, like the ruble in 1989. You can donate these miles to filmmakers in desperate need of them!

We know filmmakers who need:
+ airline miles
+ funding (from small to large projects, of all kinds)
+ equipment
+ time, services, skills

If you are interested in helping out a project or finding out more about the projects that need help, please email Festival Director Sarah Palmer or Artistic Director Mark Elijah Rosenberg at filmfund@rooftopfilms.com. We can really use your assistance, and, whether or not youre a filmmaker yourself, this is a great way to play a truly active role in getting short, independent films made.

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To read about Filmmakers' Fund grants for the years 2000 (the year the grant program was initiated) through 2006, click here.

Rooftop Films also works with all of our filmmakers through the Rooftop Films Production Collective.