Below are friends of Rooftop Films, or else websites we think are cool and/or important.

If you would like us to add your organization to this list, please email us and tell us a little bit about yourself. Additions will be made at our discretion.

Bicycle Film Festival
The Festival's mission is to be accessible, informative and embracing of all the various bike subcultures (messengers, cyclists, eco bikers, commuters, bmx, mountain bikes, low riders, artists-made bikes, etc.).

Brooklyn Underground Film Festival

An annual festival of international short films, CinemaTexas helps Rooftop curate our "Scenes from Texas" shows.

Come and Get It Films
Some of the strangest, most fascinating and original films to be made since the 1800s, seen at Rooftop Films in years past.

The DC Underground Film Festival
A seed of rebellion in our nation's capitol, this film festival features a program of films curated by Rooftop. In May 2003, Rooftop presented "Women in the Director's Chair: short films by women under the age of 18."

High-Concept / Low-Budget Film Festival (San Francisco)
A long-time curator for Rooftop Films.
Hi/Lo: Because $40 million can kill a good idea. The East and West Coasts find peace in the Rooftop°Hi/Lo brotherhood.

Films from the African Diaspora in an ongoing film series in Harlem. Long-time Rooftop curators and collaborators.

Killing My Lobster
The comedy troupe and production outfit that slays all others. Many of their films have shown at Rooftop.

A non-profit website that aims to amplify the voices of independent filmmakers and to link viewers to opportunities for activism and social change. Movies featured at Rooftop Films are on their site.

The movement of small independent film venues is astonishingly and comprehensively catalogued here, by another long-time Rooftop cohort.

New York Underground Film Festival

The Un-American Film Festival
Rooftop Films teamed up with the Un-American Film Festival last year to present a spectacular 4th of July screening.

Pharmakon/Codec x

Rat powered films

Explosivo! is recurring alternative art showthat features emerging and up-and-coming artists, sometime with music and video. Rooftop Films curated a series of films for Explosivo!'s opening in October, 2005.

Allied Media Conference

Clamor Magazine
Rooftop's Midwest touring partner, a bimonthly magazine covering "The Revolution of Everyday Life."

Downtown Community TV Center
America's oldest and most successful community media center, providing film and video access to people from marginalized communities for over 30 years. A fantastic resource to learn how to make a video or to finish your professional project.

New Yorker By Nature

Red Leader Records
Punk rock for the rebel alliance. Strike Anywhere, Saturday Supercade, De La Hoya and more.

Doctor Grosz
Hubris on the rocks. The latest ruminations from the Rooftop web designer.

Fractured Atlas
Rooftop's fiscal sponsor provides services, resources, and support to liberate a nation of artists. From healthcare to publicity to collaborative production grants, they supply critical tools for independent artists and arts organizations so they can focus on their creative responsibilities.

If you would like us to add your organization to this list, please email us. Additions will be made at our discretion.