by Courtney Marquard
November 27th, 2013

Domestic, which screened this year as part of the 2013 Summer Series, is the third feature film from Romanian director Adrian Sitaru. As a part of the 2013 Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema Series, the film will be showing at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater on Tuesday December 3rd.

Taking place in one apartment complex, Sitaru allows us to peek into the personal lives of three men, their families and pets. As Mr. Lazar, Mr. Mihaes, and Toni’s stories unfold, they weave together creating a broader story that questions life’s cycle. Relationships develop, fall apart, and re-kindle right before us with wide, long takes that make you feel as if you are eavesdropping through the doorway or from the corner of the room. This intimate tone gives each character an instant familiarity. Whether they are knit picking at one another, interpreting a dream, or seeking a comfort that might have been lost, there are pieces of our own families in each of them.

The film features a rabbit, a hen, a cat, a dog, and a pigeon. As each animal finds their way into a home, and into a family, the characters adapt to these domesticated animals in a variety of ways. While some are killed for food, other animals are cherished by children. Ultimately, the animals are sources for new realizations in each family.

“I wanted a simple, funny and touching film altogether. Inspired largely from childhood, the film is based on a few stories with domestic animals (and not only), children and parents. These are stories in which, from what I’ve seen, many people not only in Romania, find themselves. They are universal stories, in which the children, the animals and the adults come to interact accidentally, but the destinies, both of the people and of the animals, are intertwined, influence each other and are irreversibly changed” - Adrian Sitaru.

Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema 2013
Film Society of Lincoln Center, Walter Reade Theater
Tuesday December 3, 2013
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