by Michael
June 14th, 2013

At Rooftop Films, we always try our best to pair our bands and our venues to the theme and mood of the film program. This Saturday night will be no exception: a collection of outlandish animated creatures in outrageous situations at Absurd Animation (Short Films) against a backdrop of brand new graffiti by local artists on an amazing LES rooftop. Even better, the  New York-based band Wires.Under.Tension will not only be providing the live music for Saturday’s screening – we will also have the pleasure of screening the music video for their song Landscape Architecture by Rooftop’s own St. John Mckay Smith.

We caught up with Christopher of Wires.Under.Tension for a quick chat about their upcoming Rooftop show, their video, and more.

Rooftop Films: You guys will be performing at Rooftop on the same night as your music video. Does that make you extra nervous or extra excited?

Christopher Tignor: Extra excited to be so extra nervous everything will quite horribly crash and burn.

RF: How did you guys link up with St. John to create the music video?

CT: St. John and I used to live together.  Despite all that, we’ve decided to keep getting into each others creative lives.

RF:  As a New York band, what are some of your favorite locations or kinds of venues to play in the city?

CT: We like places where people are psyched, open-minded, and quite near two glasses of alcohol into their evening. That’s the sweet spot.

RF: Do you consider yourselves more of a live band or a studio band? Where do you feel most at home?

CT: A live band the installs and performs on the studio at every show.

RF:  What is on the horizon for Wires.Under.Tension?

CT: Touring, cut-off sleeve tank tops, over-thinking aspects of self-worth, and a host of other such first-world problems.


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