by Kat Candler
January 22nd, 2013


I remember going to the director’s brunch last year with my friend Kelly Sears (fantastic experimental filmmaker). I was nervous, felt out of place and awkward, hence the one and a half mimosas I downed and then was wobbly walking to the dessert table. This year it felt different. It felt like home. Sitting at a table with David Lowery, Yen Tan, Jeff Nichols, Riley Stearns and James Ponsoldt, I was surrounded by old and new friends. There was something different this time. And it felt really good. And speaking of which, I think Texas needs to adopt Riley and James. I would like to keep them, please.


I was so proud to watch my producer and dear friend, Kelly Williams get celebrated at the Sundance Producer’s Brunch and good friends James Johnston and Toby Halbrooks of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints win the Indian Paintbrush Producer’s Award. Seeing them all on stage … I couldn’t stop crying. There’s nothing sweeter than watching people you love and have grown up with in this industry shine.


Premiering Black Metal in Park City. Solid, beautiful, unforgettable work from filmmakers who have such huge hearts. I feel so proud to be in this collection of amazing films and new friends. Black Metal looked beautiful, sounded amazing and brought tears to my eyes sharing it with an audience. We never expected to be here with this film. I had all these insecurities, doubts, self loathing … So for everything to culminate into this one moment … god. It’s pretty fucking awesome. We’re so entirely thankful and humbled by the work and talent of our cast and crew. It’s all because of them. Truly. We got really really lucky to assemble such an amazing family.


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2 Responses to “Sundance Highlights from the last few days …”

  1. S Candler says:

    This is an amazing film that should make us stop and think about all our actions. They reverberate throughout the universe like the Butterfly Effect. If you send out good, then good comes back to you. If you send out negative that it swings back to you. Many people operate on a less than thinking basis. They go through life thinking that what they do doesn’t affect anyone else. Kat put a question out there……….. are we responsible for our body of work affecting others? Only you can answer that question for yourselves.
    We are so proud of her and her committment to film honesty. She is a rare genius with a humble heart who is able to discern the beauty of life. She rocks in our opinions. Sue Candler

  2. Lorie M says:

    I second what Sue says so eloquently!

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