by Kate Gellene
August 16th, 2012

The London Olympics have already passed the torch, surely leaving many of you already itching for the still far-off Winter Games. Though we can’t make the time pass, we can tip you off to a great project that will surely help quench your craving for pro-sport and international intrigue in the meantime.

Rooftop alumni Marjan Tehrani, director of the 2008 Summer Series Selection Arusi – Persian Wedding is back with an exciting and ambitious new project – feature documentary Boarders without Borders. It is so ambitious, however, that it will certainly need your help to get it made! They have started a Kickstarter fund to make it happen.

For the project, Tehrani brings four American pro-snowboarders to Iran to tackle the slopes of the Alborz Mountains, and discover the slopes along the way. Here’s a bit more info from their Kickstarter page:

When one thinks of Iran, it is typically the political strife and unrest that is widely represented in the American media. The last thing that comes to mind is 14,000-foot mountains covered in Utah-like powder, with densely populated resorts and chalets nestled at the base of the slopes. However, with over 75% of the population of Iran aged 35 and under, counter-cultures like snowboarding are hidden sanctuaries for the youth of Iran. We will explore this unknown world on and off the slopes through the eyes of these three American riders, and experience their journey as they discover a country that has been sealed off from the West for over 30 years.

With about a month left to get funded, they will need as much help as they can get to reach their $125,000 goal. In the tradition of the Olympic games, this documentary seeks to bridge cultural divides through sport. Blending extreme sport with extreme culture shock, this project will certainly have something exciting to offer.


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  1. Toursdesport says:

    May this event be successful! Surely, many will support this.

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