by Leah Roh
July 19th, 2012

Comedian and Rooftop Films Alum Lee Kern introduces a hit UK television show debuting August 1st 2012 produced by Objective Productions. “Celebrity Bedlam” is a six-part Channel 4/E4 series in which celebrities are tested to see how far they will go for fame and attention. The pilot focuses on Lee as a fake scientist as he tries to convince some celebrities that he has created their clones with whom they are about to meet. Too good to be true, right? It gets better. The second episode revolves around Lee persuading celebrities that they are encountering an isolated tribe who evacuated their homeland­ and now residing in a cage at Cheshunt’s children’s zoo. In another episode, Lee convinces a celebrity that he is actually a dog as he licks the poor man’s hand.

“Celebrity Bedlam” is not a lame imitation of other celebrity prank shows such as Punk’d. Kern states, “I hate the word “prank”. What we do are huge immersive stunts punctuated by moments of sublime idiocy.” Nathan Eastwood, executive producer of Objective Productions said, “Lee Kern is a great new talent with brave, mad and hilarious ideas. From convincing celebrities that scientists can understand dolphin language to introducing celebrities to their living clones, Lee’s pulled off a brilliant, funny and clever celebrity bashing roller coaster ride.”

Ever wanted to ask celebrities ridiculous questions to see their response? Well, Kern takes such questions to another level. Kern asks and helps celebrities answer, “Is there such a thing as a bat with human testicles?”, “Why has the iceberg hit by the Titanic been discovered near Sri Lanka?” and “Did Captain Scott really trek to the South Pole with a Robot?”

To thank Kern for broadcasting such stunts with celebrities solely for our pure enjoyment, please help get the word out of his new television show “Celebrity Bedlam” starting this August.


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