by Mark Elijah Rosenberg
December 30th, 2011

Did you attend a Rooftop Films event this year? Did you get a first look at a hot new film, an emerging band, a secret new venue? Did you get involved with a social justice movement that Rooftop promoted? Did you screen a film with us, receive a grant from us, or take a class?

If so, you are already part of the Rooftop Films community. And just as we provide all this for our community, we need the support of our community in return. Please become a member or make a tax-deductible donation.

Did you collaborate with Rooftop on your own event by renting equipment? Did you read filmmaker interviews on our blog, watch short films on our website, or get tips from our emails about cool things going on around town? Did you get involved with a collaborative artistic project we supported on Kickstarter?

As part of the Rooftop Films community, you and tens of thousands of others benefit from all that we do. Becoming a member is a great way to remain involved. Memberships start at $50 and range to $1,000 per year. And a tax-deductible donation of any size—whether $10,000, $1,1000 or $100—says that you support our work and want to see it continue for everyone.

Learn more about all that we do for the public and for filmmakers, and please contribute today.

Thank you for attendance, your films, your music, your collaboration, your enthusiasm and your support.


Rooftop Films Staff
Mark Elijah Rosenberg (Founder & Artistic Director)
Dan Nuxoll (Program Director)
Genevieve DeLaurier (Managing Director)
Chantel Elassaad (Festival Manager)
Lela Scott MacNeil (Outreach and Development Manager)
Aaron Wistar (Technical Manager)

Rooftop Films Board of Directors
David Belt, Jim Browne, Anne Carey, Michael Clark, Catherine Martinez, Brian Newman, Casimir Nozkowski, Sarah Palmer, Mark Elijah Rosenberg


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Rooftop Films is a New York based non-profit whose mission is to engage diverse communities by showing independent movies in outdoor locations, producing new films, coordinating youth media education, and renting equipment at low cost to artists.


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