by Kat Candler
September 20th, 2011

[Photo: My amazing intern, Beth]

Waiting for each meeting in the cramped holding area, we’re seeing the same faces over and over again in our tall, white, non-descript building at Columbus Circle. And in those uncomfortably close quarters, we’re chatting up fellow IFP participants. We’re all connected, linked somehow some where, “Hey, your short played with my feature in Tallahassee. Hey, you were in the film my friend directed last year.” That’s the great thing about the indie film scene, it’s a shared struggle. For good and bad, we’re all in it together.

Quick low down on our six meetings from Day 2. We’ve had some really nice interest in the project. It sounds nice now, but that might change later on when they say, “You know what? It’s not for us.” I like to keep expectations low. That way you don’t get your hopes up. And that way they can’t come crashing down.

I loved the questions about story–  the beats, the structure, the characters, their struggles, relationships. Let me keep talking about that, please. Talking about the budget, the marketing plan, not so much. Luckily bad ass Intern Beth did a great job of putting together our marketing packet which several folks took with them and seemed to be somewhat impressed by. And yet again, the pleasant surprises came from the questionable “why does this person want to meet with us” meetings.

A lovely time sitting down to tea with Audrey of Until the Light Takes Us fame. Had a great time bonding over our shared love for genre films, the writing process and the sometimes snakey (is that a word?) world of indie film.

Even though I’ve only been gone a week, I’m feeling the pull to see my students. I’m bummed I can’t be there for office hours to listen to their concerns, hesitations and triumphs. If you’re one of my kids from UT and you’re reading this, you’re a bad ass, you can totally do it, me and TA Nathan got your back.

Today I’m psyched to see the familiar, sweet faces of my Fort Worth/Dallas boys. And congratulate them on winning the Rooftop Grant for their much anticipated next feature Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.

After today’s meetings, more rewrites. And Diet Coke.


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