by Mark Elijah Rosenberg
June 2nd, 2010

As an outdoor film festival, Rooftop is particularly attuned to the weather. We read weather maps the way other festivals read the box office reports, parsing the details for the nuances that will reveal some hidden certainty within the vague predictions. We’ve gotten pretty good at guessing the weather, and as a non-profit, we could probably get a grant for our amateur meteorology skills.

So believe us when I tell you: mainstream weather coverage is a conspiracy!

The networks and websites are advertising-driven, for-profit companies. That means, the more you stick around after the commercials for the forecast, the more times you click on their websites for updates, the more money they make. And what’s gonna get you to stick and click? Thunderstorms! Torrential downpours you must prepare for! Newsworthy weather!

During the summer in New York, the forecasts almost always say there’s a chance of thunderstorms, but for us, that often means there might be a little rain at some point that day but our show will have nice clear night for movies on a roof.

(And for most events, if it does rain, we move indoors at the same location, same great films, same free drinks, same good times.)

You don’t want mainstream movies, you don’t trust mainstream media, so don’t believe the hype! Come to Rooftop Films even when the weather forecast has a chance of rain!


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  1. I am the grandmother of jesse Selwyn and Zach, I think NJLADY needs more publicity. so, maybe they can get lucky and someone will help make this a reality show.

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