by Mark Elijah Rosenberg
June 4th, 2009
*Did you know that Rooftop Films is 2-1 tickets in the rain?
If you come to a show that is held indoors because of rain, you get a free ticket to another show. Same great movies, new great deal. 
E.L.A.: Love at First Byte (Fernando Sarmiento | Argentina | 10:00) 
A hilariously disquieting 1980s-style mash-up of sci-fi kid’s shows, video games and Euro soft core porn, featuring pop culture references as playfully childish but resolutely indefinable visual signifiers, creating a story that’s essentially indecipherable yet achingly familiar, effective and fun. 

Come see more hilarious and strange films like this at Rooftop! 


A fun, frantic, fantastical program of films about losing your grip on reality & reality losing its grip on the world. 
FREE OPEN BAR after the films 


Venue: on the roof of the Open Road Rooftop 
Address: 350 Grand Street @ Essex (Lower East Side, Manhattan) 
8:00PM: Doors open 
8:30PM: Sound Fix presents live music by Bottle Up and Go 
9:00PM: Films 
11:30PM – 1:00AM: Open Bar at Fontana’s (105 Eldridge St), courtesy of Radeberger beer 
Tickets: $9-$25

No refunds. In the event of rain, the show will be indoors at the same locations. Seating is first come, first served. Physical seats are limited. This means you may not get a chair. You are welcome to bring a blanket and sit picnic-style, howvere NO ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED. 


There you are. Living a quiet, suburban, stick-figure life. Watching TV. Waiting for a promotion. Coolly cruising the galaxy at something less than light speed. But things are not quite right. This simple pencil is leading you astray. That promotion’s not coming, and you snap. A fungus in the shower compels you to perform diabolically crass comedy. And pretty soon you’re lost in a world of cinema semiotics, upside-down in a confusion of water and air, and pregnant with the illegitimate love child of an indifferent red cube. 

Why did this happen? What does it all mean? 

These films–comedies, dramas, animations, visual experimentations and mental games–highlight some of the wild, weird and wonderful ways that cinema can alter your world. There are times when freaking out is better than calming down. Times when the madness of the world is best met by individual psychosis. Times when the machine’s got you trapped, and you’re either the madman running it or the wrench inside of it, because someone’s getting sent back in time, shrunk down to snail size, and suckered into an endless pit of pixels, and hell, it might as well be you. Beats striking out on an alien date with a spaceship full of dreary Canadians.




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