by Mark Elijah Rosenberg
January 17th, 2008
The film world migration to Utah is underway, but my journey is hung-up. On my trip out here, I’ve run into director Gabe Rhodes (August in the Empire State, co-directed by long-time Rooftop collaborator Michael Galinsky) and video artist / Rooftop Alum Seth Price, but neither were going to Sundance. Good for them. Because meanwhile, I’m stuck in O’Hare in a snow storm with Jim Becker and the guys from Califone who are heading to Park City to play the most recent incarnation of the amazing live music/animation show they played at Rooftop with Brent Green in 2006. They’re playing Friday, Sunday and Monday evening at 6:30 at the New Frontier on Main, and I highly recommend catching their show.

I was supposed to be flying from JFK to O’Hare to Salt Lake. But with this storm here in Chicago, I find myself waiting in the airport for our plane to get flight attendants. I offered to pour coffees and explain the seatbelts myself, but the airline doesn’t seem to want my help.

Meanwhile, I’ve learned that not only is Terminal 5 at O’Hare now officially “The International Starbucks Terminal,” but that there are 10 times more Starbucks at this airport than there are in all of Detroit.

I was at a grants panel recently, where a New York City government official advised us non-profits that if we wanted to find out about the potential gentrification of a neighborhood, we should call Starbucks HQ, because they had the most advanced research.

Take from those related anecdotes what you will. I’ll write more about indie film soon, but all I know about Sundance this year is that it’s hard to get to.


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