by Dan Nuxoll
January 17th, 2008



I’m kind of curious about Sundance’s upcoming screening of U23D, the first ever live action 3D feature in HD. I admit I am a have a weak spot for U2, and those who know me well know that if you get a few whiskeys in me I will defend Bono to the death. But because sober Dan is prone to moments of doubt about U2, and because I generally don’t enjoy concert films under any circumstances, I didn’t buy tickets to U23D when I had the chance. But now I am beginning to regret it, because a guy named James Stewart who was considering staying at our condo has informed me that “3D is THE future of film” (his capitalized emphasis), and that tickets at Sundance are now going for $1500 on Ebay.  

Apparently Samsung is releasing the first ever 3D HD TVs this year, and studios are seriously considering 3D for all sorts of content on TV and in theaters. My first thought was “how the hell are we going to show 3D movies on rooftops?” but since I never really understood how old 3D technology worked I certainly can’t expect to comprehend the new stuff. But James saysthat it’s ”actually, not so hard to set up. Expensive, yes, because you need a silver screen, two projectors, two playback sources in sync. But not impossible. Imagine Bono reaching out over the buildings of NYC. He would like that.” Hear that Bono? The offer is on the table. Rooftop would be happy to do the NYC premiere if you provide the movie and the money.

Of course, everyone has heard about how all the studios proclaimed in the 50’s that 3D was the future, only to have the fad die out about 3 months after they issued such proclamations, but you have to figure that eventually they will come up with a viable and popular 3D format, right? I’m a huge sucker for 3D, so maybe i can’t be objective here.


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