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by Mark Elijah Rosenberg
November 30th, 2006

1. You are a vital partof the Rooftop Films community.
2. We are the only festival that shows new undistributed films outdoors.
3. Rooftop shows are not just film screenings–they are unforgettable events.
4. We show many of the best new short films in the world.
5. We get more done with less money than any other film festival.
If [...]

by Dan Nuxoll
November 22nd, 2006

I stumbled upon a few really great trailer remixes as I sifted through selections from Montreal’s Fantasia Festival. My two favorites are a West Side Story/28 Days Later mash up: West Side Story: The Edit and the best of the bunch was this Toy Story 2/Requiem for a Dream combo. I suppose I will [...]

by Dan Nuxoll
November 13th, 2006

Check out this great short short (click the link and then click on “movies”) created by Alex Minick and Sam Crees and also check out all of the rest of their bizarre art, some of which doesn’t include aliens made out of hands.

by Mark Elijah Rosenberg
November 7th, 2006

Thursday, November 9, 7pm Apparition of the Eternal Church
Check out the trailer here.
Let me tell you why I’m so excited for this event: I am a devout atheist anticipating a pseudo-religious experience on Thursday. We’re presenting an austere film in a majestic setting, an astonishing piece of music and complex ideas about it, [...]

by Mark Elijah Rosenberg
November 7th, 2006

Adam Philips is an extremely talented, imaginative and prolific animator from down under whose animation has won awards at major festivals all over the world…

by Mark Elijah Rosenberg
November 1st, 2006


Ian Stewart made this film after spending a summer working as a camp counselor for a bunk full of boys who would regularly collaboratively improvise short stories. He recorded a bunch of their tales with his DAT, picked the best one and then animated their madness in his final year at RISD. You can watch [...]

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