Territory: Short Films About Turf Wars

Saturday Jun 11, 2016
7:30PMDoors Open
8:00PMLive Music by Free Cake for Every Creature
8:30PMFilms Begin

Firefighter's Field
Roosevelt Island
405 Main St. New York, NY 10044
Take the F subway to Roosevelt Island (1 stop past 63rd & Lex). The Roosevelt Island Tram is also open and can be entered at 60th Street and 2nd avenue (comes every 15 minutes). When you exit the subway, walk through the outdoor plaza to get to the east side of the Island. The field is just across the street.


This Show Presented in Partnership With
Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
Forest City Ratner Companies
This event is free and open to the public

Stories of the (sometimes) shared (sometimes) human space. Presented in partnership with City Council Member Kallos.


Suburban King/Top-Girl (Aakash Bhatia | India | 7 min.)
Fear has a form, fame has a form, success has a form. In this case all these intangibles are seen in the form of a human pyramid.

Suburban king / Top-girl is the story of the three characters from the slums of Jogeshwari east who, in their own way get over their fears and fight for their aspirations.

Part of the Jai Jawaan Mandal they set out to be a little more than who they are by achieving the world record for the highest human pyramid ever made in the world. It’s a metaphor for success, a little insight into what goes into being the rock star person alities they are.

Seen through the point of documentary crew, the film is an ode to these cool people in a cool new genre-bending attempt at story telling.

Mobilize (Caroline Monnet | Canada | 4 min.)
Guided expertly by those who live on the land and driven by the pulse of the natural world, Caroline Monnet’s Mobilize takes us on an exhilarating journey from the far north to the urban south. Over every landscape, in all conditions, everyday life flows with strength, skill and extreme competence. Hands swiftly thread sinew through snowshoes. Axes expertly peel birch bark to make a canoe. A master paddler navigates icy white waters. In the city, Mohawk ironworkers stroll across steel girders, almost touching the sky, and a young woman asserts her place among the towers. The fearless polar punk rhythms of Tanya Tagaq’s “Uja” underscore the perpetual negotiation between the modern and traditional by a people always moving forward. Mobilize is part of Souvenir, a four-film series addressing Aboriginal identity and representation by reworking material in the NFB’s archives.

Territory (Eleanor Mortimer | UK | 17 min.)
The rock of Gibraltar is shared between two primate species: people and monkeys. The monkeys populated the upper rock long before the latest human inhabitants, the British, arrived, and now, 300 years on, there are tensions between the two. Attempts to expel the monkeys from the town with peashooters are in vain, as the animals rise to the challenges of the new game. This leads the government to resort to more drastic tactics.

Jungle (Asantewaa Prempeh | USA | 13 min.)
The lines between trust, betrayal, and forgiveness are intertwined for two Senegalese vendors as they try to make a living on the streets of New York City.

Red Folder (Ben Kallam | USA | 10 min.)
High school student Joseph has been sent out of class, tasked with finding his teacher's red folder. During a single class period, he is passed from one classroom to the next by faculty and staff, until another student forces him to confront the implications of an increasingly elusive search.

A Day At School (Victor Ghizaru | Burkina Faso / Canada | 7 min.)
Winding around the dusty, mirage-soaked roads of Burkina Faso on their donkey carts, two young brothers transport soil in this jaunty slice-of-life film. Layered with lively regional folk sounds, the boys fulfill their daily grind, encountering worlds vastly different from their own.

Good White People (Jarrod Welling-Cann and Erick Stoll | USA | 16 min.)
GOOD WHITE PEOPLE follows Reginald Stroud Sr. as he and his family are forced from their home in Cincinnati, Ohio to make way for luxury condos, high end bars, and art galleries.


Free Cake for Every Creature
"As Free Cake for Every Creature, the Philadelphia-based songwriter Katie Bennett has spent the last couple of years playing her simple, wide-eyed songs at DIY rock shows all across the Northeast. With her upcoming debut LP, Talking Quietly of Anything With You—which favors texture, warmth, and considered arrangements—Bennett is hewing to the career path adopted by indie pop bands ever since Beat Happening kicked on a distortion pedal for 1989's Black Candy. Talking seems to finally represent Bennett as a singular songwriter, one who’s able to transmute her influences—K Records’ ramshackle charm, Yo La Tengo’s slower, stiller moments—into pithy, affecting turns of phrase."

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