New York Non-Fiction

Friday Jul 8, 2016
8:00PMDoors Open
8:30PMLive Music by Jay Boogie
9:00PMFilms Begin
10:30PMQ & A with Filmmakers
11:00PMAfter Party Sponsored by Stella Artois

Industry City
Sunset Park
274 36th Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11232
D, N, R to 36 St


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Industry City
Stella Artois
Tribeca Shortlist

It's your city. Take a look.

Most days, New Yorkers work hard to avoid each other. So why not, once a year, break the habit and to take a journey into the lives of your neighbors? After this program of short films, we guarantee you’ll see them in a new light. Ours is a city full of showtime kids, reality-television stars, greasy lawyers, urban golfers, plus-size pole dancers, and unending sexual potential--and we like it that way.


We Live This (James Burns | NY | 10 min.)
Four boys who make up a dance crew called 'We Live This' perform regularly in the dark underground subway system beneath the vibrant and bold city they love and grew up in. Day after day these boys follow their dreams by dancing in the rail cars that connect New Yorkers to each other and to the city above. Each young man has a personal story to tell. Why they do this is both cathartic and evolutionary. The “in your face” style of these subway performers knock their built in New York audience off it’s center by demanding attention. For some it’s the light of their day, but for others it’s the bane of their existence. For the boys, it’s their freedom of expression and their right to share it.

Tiger Hood (Christopher André Marks | USA | 7 min.)
You have never seen Patrick Q.F. Barr at Augusta or Pebble Beach. That's because his golf course is lower Manhattan and his equipment is either borrowed, used or made from milk cartons.

Rothman (Nader Sadre | USA | 20 min.)
This documentary tells the story of defense attorney Frank Rothman. Born on the lower east side in the early 1960s, Frank grew up under the influence of a criminally sociopathic father who exposed him to a world of loan sharks, con men, and other assorted low-lifes. Frank became a defense attorney with the hope that he might help men like his dad beat the system. Over time Frank would shed his dad's influence and become a successful criminal lawyer in the New York City justice system, but only after putting his legal career into jeopardy.

IDAC (Casimir Nozkowski | USA | 6 min.)
When I was leaving for college, my aunt Dana told me I had a cousin I’d never met who was matriculating in the same year as me. We shared classes and had friends in common and but for some strange reason I never introduced myself. All during college, and then into the real world, through a decade of overlapping connections, we never met. This film is an examination of that hesitation and an attempt to understand why I never made the easiest connection in the world… until it was too late. Through archival footage and re-enactment of the era in question, IDAC is ultimately a documentary about what was happening on an unconscious level and how distant a relative can be even when they’re right in front of your face.

The Tricks List (Brian Bolster | USA | 19 min.)
Andrew likes to keep things organized. He’s compiled a list of every sexual encounter he’s ever had. Each name ignites a memory—a time, a place, an esoteric fetish. His memory is impressive. The list currently numbers 749.

Dangerous Curves (Merete Mueller | USA | 11 min.)
What is confidence, really? On stage, online and in everyday life, plus-sized pole dancer Roslyn Mays uncovers vulnerability and strength through public exposure."

How To Act on Reality TV (John Wilson | USA | 23 min.)
Welcome to the New York Reality TV School, where hopefuls seek to prepare themselves for life under constant scrutiny and train to ‘beat the reality TV machine’. As the first day of class unfolds, they absorb commandments such as ‘Thou shall say yes as often as possible’ and learn how to inhabit a fictionalized character without becoming an actor. Bit by bit, the class itself begins to resemble the peculiar manipulative tendencies and clash of personalities and agendas that characterize reality TV. A sharply funny and surprisingly insightful critique of our entertainment-saturated culture, the US director John Wilson’s film manages both to embrace and to subvert the tropes of the genre, investigating with wryness and sympathy the diverse motivations driving these ‘students’ to pursue life on camera.


Jay Boogie
Brooklyn bred rapper Jay Boogie has been called 'hip-hop spiciest princess." His debut album Allure (Doom Dab) served up a blend of club-ready beats with banjee cunt lyricism, drawing from Boogie's Dominican heritage and vogue ballroom roots. Following the success of Allure, Jay Boogie has received accolades from the international creative community, leading to a collaboration with Opening Ceremony and touring across North America and Europe. In late 2015, he dropped the My Health Over Everything mixtape, available for free download via

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