The Frame: Fuel Happiness

Saturday Dec 19, 2015



This Show Presented in Partnership With
Lululemon Athletica
Free Event
This event is free with an RSVP

Rooftop Films and Lululemon present a program of award-winning short films about coming to terms with yourself and finding the passion that drives you in unexpected places. The event will include the films, complimentary drinks, and a post-screening conversation with the filmmakers.


Bunda Pandeiro (Carlo Sampietro | 3 min.)
In Brazilian slang, the phrase Bunda Pandeiro is used to describe attractive buttocks by referring to them as a tambourine. While the ass is a universally recognized symbol of sexual allure, the film blurs lines between gender and race, reducing each participant to the utilitarian role of a musical instrument.

the Scared is scared (Bianca Giaver | USA | 8 min.)
I asked a six year old what my movie should be about, and this is what he told me.

One Man's Trash (Kelly Adams | New York City | 17 min.)
For 34 years, Nelson Molina has worked for the NYC Department of Sanitation, developing a unique relationship to the objects that fill the garbage bags lining the streets. With a keen curatorial eye for finding treasure in household trash, Nelson has created a collection of found objects in a sanitation garage in East Harlem, which he refers to as a museum of "Treasures in the Trash." This collection is a reflection of the community he has been serving and is perfect for a festival based in Harlem! As the film follows Nelson on his route and through his collection, he encourages us to see the things that we encounter in daily life anew.

Nena (Alauda Ruiz de Azúa | Spain | 12 min.)
Javier Gorrigaramendi was the first boy who broke Ana's heart. Sixteen years later he appears. Ana Teenager doesn't want to open the door. What does Ana Adult want?

Pink Boy (Eric Rockey | USA | 15 min.)
“Pink Boy” is an award-winning, intimate 15-minute portrait of a gender-creative boy growing up in conservative rural Florida. Butch lesbian BJ successfully avoided dresses her entire life until she and her partner Sherrie adopted Jeffrey, who to their shock, starts to dance in gowns and perform for his parents. As six-year-old Jeffrey increasingly wishes to dress up in public, BJ must navigate where it is safe for him, from school to a rodeo in Georgia to the ultimate holiday for a pink boy, Halloween. It is a story of love between a butch mother and her feminine son, in one sense opposites, but united by a determination to be who they truly are.

Thank Ewe (Keith Wilson | USA | 1 min.)
A barrage of whiteness and niceness, Thank Ewe is too much of a good thing.

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