Bunda Pandeiro
Carlo Sampietro

Friday May 16, 2014
Industry City
220 36th Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11232

Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
On the Roof of the JCC in Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY ‎


Bunda Pandeiro (Carlo Sampietro | 3 min.)

Official Link: http://www.carlosampietro.com


In Brazilian slang, the phrase Bunda Pandeiro is used to describe attractive buttocks by referring to them as a tambourine. While the ass is a universally recognized symbol of sexual allure, the film blurs lines between gender and race, reducing each participant to the utilitarian role of a musical instrument.


Carlo Sampietro is an Italian mixed media artist based in New York City.
His working heighten public awareness by visually demonstrating cultural issues.

His first major series The Street is in The House is a body of work that transmutes elements of urban life into objets d'art, he dismantles established value structures and elements of social control.

Sampietro’s investigation into facets of the urban condition continues with PopDogs, a gargantuan edifice—a popcorn machine that spews plastic dogs at an alarming rate—a symbolic parallel to canine overpopulation in urban centers. as the catastrophic result of human ignorance and the immutability of desire.

Since 2011 his work has appeared in exhibitions at Berlin Short Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival (NYC), Figment (NYC), Galleria Rossana Orlandi (Milan), the Museum of Design (Como) and Barcelona contemporary Art Festival.

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