BasilicaScope Weekend Film Festival: Walker
$10 or $25 for all three
Saturday Sep 20, 2014
7:00PMFilm Begins
9:30PMExtended Q&A with Alex Cox and Rudy Wurlitzer

Basilica Hudson
Inside the main hall of the Basilica Hudson
110 South Front Street Hudson, NY 12534
Take Exit 82 off the Taconic or take Amtrak to the Hudson station.


An unconventional retelling of the life of William Walker, a 19th century American mercenary leader who became the president of Nicaragua.

BasilicaScope, in its second year, runs Sept 19 & 20, 2014, and dedicates its entire run to Alex Cox with his cult classics Repo Man, Straight to Hell Returns, and Walker. A visionary filmmaker who made the 1980s all the more bearable for us, Cox masterfully used pinpoint satire and a rambunctious stable of actors to illuminate the sleazy politics of the era. Cox will be live in Hudson for the Festival.

Basilica Scope digs into the visceral aspects of motion pictures by celebrating films that explore the furthest extremes—from remote landscapes, unconventional perspectives, fanatic personalities, radical examinations of film’s materiality, to the blood and emotion that create it. BasilicaScope presents extraordinary films during its weekend-long summer festival in a reclaimed 19th century factory.

Extended Q&A with director Alex Cox and Rudy Wurlitzer following the film.


Walker (Alex Cox | 94 min.)
A hallucinatory biopic that breaks all cinematic conventions, Walker tells the story of nineteenth century American adventurer William Walker (Ed Harris), who abandoned a series of careers in law, politics, journalism, and medicine to become a soldier of fortune, and for several years dictator of Nicaragua. Made with mad abandon and political acuity—and the support of the Sandinista army and government during the Contra war—the film uses this true tale as a satirical attack on American ultrapatriotism and a freewheeling condemnation of “manifest destiny.” Featuring a powerful score by Joe Strummer and a performance of intense, repressed rage by Harris, Walker remains one of Cox’s most daring works.

- The Criterion Collection

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