Short Term 12
Feature Film Program
Saturday Jul 20, 2013
8:00PMDoors Open
8:30PMLive Music by Eden Sela
9:00PMFilm Begins
11:00PM- 12:30AMReception in courtyard courtesy of Red Stripe and Bulleit Bourbon
FREE SCREENING w/RSVP on TicketLeap. Note: RSVP does not guarantee entry. Entry is first come first served. There is seating on the roof and in the lovely courtyard, which is also outdoors. The film is screened in both locations simultaneously. Seats on the roof are given to the first attendees to arrive, and later arriving audience members will be seated in the courtyard. Early arrival is recommended. In the event of rain,the show will be rescheduled. If weather is uncertain, please check for updates the day of the event.

The Old American Can Factory
Roof and Courtyard
232 Third St. at 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215
F/G to Carroll St. or R to Union


This Show Presented in Partnership With
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Tonight's screening is delayed because of rain. Please keep checking our website for updates.

Presented in partnership with: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Oscars® Outdoors Summer Series, Cinedigm.

On July 20th, the Academy’s Oscars Outdoors Summer Series and Rooftop Films present a sneak preview event of “Short Term 12”, winner of the 2013 SXSW Grand Jury Award. Destin Cretton (Rooftop alum) and Brie Larson will participate in a brief Q&A after the screening. "Short Term 12" will be released in theaters later this summer by Cinedigm.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Rooftop Films present Destin Cretton’s feature film debut, Short Term 12, winner of the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriter award. Awarded in 2010, the film follows the staff and patients at a shelter for at-risk teens in a masterful drama that never sentimentalizes the plights of its fragile characters.


Short Term 12 (Destin Cretton | USA | 96 min.)
Rooftop Films screened writer-director Destin Cretton's short film of the same title in 2009, and it’s thrilling to see him expand on the characters and themes in this accomplished feature-length film. Cretton’s sophomore feature pulls off a tricky balance of imbuing its story with emotional weight while not coming across as cloying in the process. The situation is inherently affecting, but the filmmaker complicates it with characters worth rooting for.

That success is aided by impeccable performances all around. Brie Larson, to date best known for her role on the now-defunct "United States of Tara," delivers a tremendously involving turn as Grace, the young supervisor of the facility drawn into the distinctive needs of various patients while maintaining a warm relationship with co-worker Mason (an equally believable Jason Gallagher Jr.). Behind closed doors, they engage in charming romantic chatter, but when among the patients they display a different sort of passion subtly realized over the course of a patiently constructed narrative.

Driven by their own history of problems that led them to the facility in the first place, Mason and Grace treat their jobs as a ways of life; in turn, the movie rarely leaves the foster home, inviting us into their routine of taming angry youth and exploring the cycle of overcoming personal hangups in intimate detail. But Cretton balances off the serious material with intensely likable protagonists whose penchant for cracking jokes under duress -- restraining tantrum-riddled patients, for example -- deepens their credibility and eases us into environment before advancing its poignancy. Instead of overstating its core ideas, Cretton reveals them through the minutiae of conversation, with Grace championing a commitment to "talk about what's going on inside your head." By the end of Short Term 12, we're not just in their heads but fully able to relate to them.

- Eric Kohn


Eden Sela
"With large eyes that seem to make simple words into complicated stones, Eden Sela is one of Brooklyn’s most captivating secrets. Like the title of her latest album (Soft Rock) alludes, this one-woman show is indeed her own “rock”, and “soft” must be the fragile flesh, for there is no way this title is simply a genre. Watching her on stage is like witnessing a contrarian’s example of Deleuze and Guattari‘s theories of multiplicity. Singing into two microphones, a crowd of electronically generated iterations of herself respond (live) to her solo vocalizations. It is like watching the opposite of an exorcism. Selves- possession. The audience is left savoring an intrusive feeling, as if we have just witnesses a private conversation taking place in this lovely singer’s mind. It is touching and voyeuristic, and though she emanates an almost-alien sense of honest solitude, there is also something intensely pure and vital in this curious musical encounter." -Seat of Perception

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