INDUSTRIANCE ™: Black Out (Short Films)
Short Film Program
$13 online or at the door
Saturday Jul 27, 2013
8:00PMDoors Open
8:30PMLive Music by Bradford Reed powered by Pedal Power NYC! Audience members are encouraged to ride stationary bikes to power a musical performance.
11:00PM- 12:30AMReception in courtyard courtesy of Red Stripe and Bulleit
No refunds. In the event of rain, show will be rescheduled. Please visit for rain details. Seating is first come, first served. No outside alcohol is permitted.

The Old American Can Factory
Roof and Courtyard
232 Third St. at 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215
F/G to Carroll St. or R to Union


This Show Presented in Partnership With
XO Projects
Red Stripe Lager
Bulleit Bourbon
Eatrepreneur Inc.

Hanging on to old habits, hoping for new means, humanity begets change through technology and industry, labor and artistry. A striking program of short films, including Eva Weber’s illuminating documentary “Black Out.”

Some things are best forgotten, buried, destroyed. The labor system that chews people up and wreaks havoc on the environment, that leaves a working man sleeping in his truck in winter and remarking that others have it worse. Indeed, on the other side of the world, young people, hoping for a better life someday, study in the streets because their entire country has almost no electricity. Still, some things are worth holding on to, saving, celebrating: a farmland’s cultural history preserved in handmade furniture, a small town’s fallen-out-of-fashion motel. This challenging program (part of Rooftop Films and XO Projects’ INDUSTRIANCE ™ series of screenings, discussions, workshops and more) explores the changing landscape in industry, labor, agriculture and architecture, provoking thoughtful and passionate ideas about the way these changes affect individuals around the world.

- Mark Elijah Rosenberg


Bydlo (Patrick Bouchard | Canada | 9 min.)
A mighty ox emerges from the damp earth only to be devoured by the greed and rage of mankind. Inspired by Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” Bouchard brings earth to life, creating a tactile nightmare in which man is his own slave driver.

Sweet Crude Man Camp (Isaac Gale | USA | 11 min.)
A stark and haunting look at some of the realities surrounding the ongoing oil boom in the Bakken region of North Dakota, cold and bleak but intimate and fascinating.

Irish Folk Furniture (Tony Donoghue | USA | 9 min.)
An animated documentary about repair and recycling in rural Ireland, where beautiful objects preserve everyday history.

Dear Valued Guests (Jarred Alterman and Paul Sturtz | USA | 16 min.)
A New Orleans-style voodoo celebration of a previously unsung piece of architecture.

Black Out (Eva Weber | 47 min.)
Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund / Chicken & Egg Grant Recipient. Only one-fifth of Guinea’s people have access to electricity, and young people who must work days cannot study at night in the dark, causing a self-perpetuating disaster for the economy. Ironically, it’s the gas stations and airports, where dreams of escape are possible, that provide streetlights for students to work by. An evocative documentary about the haves and have-nots for a most elemental commodity: light.


Pedal Power NYC
Pedal Power NYC developed a system of bicycles with generators capable of powering concerts and studio recordings. Harnessing the energy humans create to run all of the electronic equipment needed, PPNYC leverages technology as a medium to augment performances and upend the status quo. This soundsystem blurs the conventional lines between audience and performers, inviting attendees to ride alongside musicians and electrify the entire show. We unite to create amplified artistic experiences, all Powered by Natural Ass.

Bradford Reed
Bradford Reed never fails to entertain and inspire. This Brooklyn, NY based composer, performer and producer fights and tames the idiosyncrasies of the pencilina, an original instrument of his own design and construction. The pencilina is an electric ten stringed collision of the hammer dulcimer, slide guitar, koto and fretless bass with six pickups of varied types. It is struck with sticks, plucked and bowed, giving Reed an incredibly wide sonic palette. Many have enjoyed Reed's frequent street performances and club dates.

In additon to his solo work, Bradford plays the pencilina, drums and keyboards with King Missile III ("Detachable Penis” and “Jesus Was Way Cool”) and produced Failure and The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (on Shimmy Disc/Instict Records) as well as Royal Lunch (Important Records). He also played the electric zither in the Blue Man Group's band in their lauded Off-Broadway show, Tubes for 8 years. Reed has appeared with his pencilina on MTV, USA Up All Night, Fox's Sound FX, The Tonight Show and has toured throughout the USA, Asia and Europe. Reed is also featured on Orbitones, Spoon Harps & Bellowphones, Ellipsis Arts' second experimental instruments compilation album which includes music by Tom Waits, Aphex Twin and John Cage.

Bradford Reed's live performance will be powered by Pedal Power NYC, an organization whose mission is to “sustain a celebration of our collective creativity and human energy through remarkable arts programming.”

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