Inocente (Manhattan)
Feature Film Program
Free Show

Tuesday Jul 31, 2012
7:30PMDoors Open
8:30PMFilm Begins

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
Midtown East
2nd Ave & E 47th St New York, NY 10017
4, 5, 6, 7, or S to 42nd Street.


This Show Presented in Partnership With
Ford Foundation
Friends of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
New York Magazine
Dreamyard Project
Free show!

A series of free screenings, plus art workshops and exhibitions, centered on this inspiring and lovely documentary, made by Academy Award-nominated filmmakers, about a homeless teen finding hope through creativity.

Presented by Rooftop Films and The Fledgling Fund

In honor of Inocente's triumphs through art, Rooftop Films, the Fledgling Fund, DreamYard Project, and Shine Global are hosting free arts workshops for youth ages 8-18 starting at 5pm. To RSVP, email


Caine's Arcade (Nirvan Mullick | USA | 11 min.)
9 year old Caine Monroy spent his summer building an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store, and invited the world to play.

Inocente (Sean Fine, Andrea Nix Fine | USA | 40 min.)
Life as a teenager can be stressful: conflicts with your parents, pressure from your peers, constant self-doubt and soul searching. You’re trying to figure out who you are in the world, and the more you learn, the more confusing and overwhelming life may seem. Making art can be a powerful remedy for daily tension, a liberating way to express your feelings and ideas.

For Inocente, a homeless teen in San Diego, making art provides a home base, a point of stability in an otherwise unsettled existence. As the child of a single, immigrant mother, Inocente has faced hardship her whole life. At the lowest point, her mother, desperately uncomprehending how to survive, almost sacrificed the entire family. Inocente, rather than folding under the pressure, has flourished.

She's never lacked for canvas, except perhaps at home. Struggling to fit in at an unsympathetic school, a place where the other kids always seem to have more than she does, wearing her art every day gives her the confidence she needs to face the world. Her brilliant use of color and her florid designs are enlivened by this elegant documentary, revealing the beautiful depth of her work and her personality. In the film, Inocente’s daily struggles are documented with a calm nobility, while her art-making is vividly brought to life with close-ups so dynamic you can almost smell the paint. You certainly feel her passion and joy, and see it in her wide smile and bright eyes.

Inocente’s ability to find a creative outlet has helped her define herself and achieve practical successes which will help her for a lifetime. Rooftop Films, the Fledgling Fund, Inocente and the filmmakers would like to share this inspiration with New York City youth (ages 8-18), by hosting a series of free screenings and art-making workshops. The afternoon workshops will begin with a screening of the film and a discussion on the creative process. We will then provide a variety of free art materials and instruction, so every student can create original works that express their own personalities. In the evening, students will have dinner (provided by Rooftop), while a free, outdoor public screening takes place. After the screening, student work will be displayed for the public and the creators can discuss their work. This stimulating and engaging event will be a pleasure for young people and adults alike.

- Mark Elijah Rosenberg

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