Free Show

Monday Sep 17, 2012
7:30PMDoors open
8:00PMLive music
8:30PMFilms begin
10:15PM-12:30AMAfter-party onsite with complimentary Redhook Ale

Solar One
on the pier along the water
Kips Bay
24-20 FDR Drive, Service Road East at 23rd Street and the East River, New York, NY 10010
R/6 to 23rd St., walk all the way east.


This Show Presented in Partnership With
IFP Labs
Widmer Brothers
Drifter Pale Ale
Free Show!
Free Show!

The Labs are a year-long mentorship program supporting narrative and documentary directors throughout post production and the completion, marketing and distribution of their first feature film. The program has become the leading U.S. forum for industry to discover and support fresh talent on the independent scene just prior to their introduction to the marketplace. Previous Lab alumni have found success at festivals around the world including Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, Venice and SXSW. All projects presented in the Labs will be premiering at domestic and international film festivals over the next 18 months.

More information on the Lab Films and upcoming 2013 program at http://www.ifp.org/programs/labs.
Submissions for 2013 open in February.

Prior to the films, Rooftop Films will be announcing the winners of the 2012 Rooftop Films Filmmakers Fund. This year, Rooftop Films will give out more than $18,000 in cash grants and more than $60,000 in services to filmmakers whose works we have screened previously. The grants all go towards helping filmmakers to complete their future works and include The AT&T Feature Film Grant, the DCTV Color Correction Grant and Equipment and Services Grant, the Eastern Effects Equipment Grant, the Edegworx Post-Production Grant, the Adrienne Shelly Foundation Short Film Grant For Women, and the Rooftop Films Short FIlm Grant.


Bastards of Young (Excerpt) (Josiah Signor)
Written, directed and produced by Josiah Signor, produced by Mike Rossetti, Robert Profusek, Ryan Silbert, and Gigi Dement, and executive produced by Alexandre Rockwell. Kevin and Julie throw their last annual Halloween party, but instead of celebrating, friends are forced to confront darker realities: adultery, divorce, and pregnancy. Hijinks ensue.

Blue Caprice (Excerpt) (Alexandre Moors)
Written and directed by Alexandre Moors, written by R.F.I. Porto, produced by Isen Robbins, Aimee Schoof, Ron Simons, Kim Jackson, Stephen Tedeschi, and Brian O’Carroll, and executive produced by Hilary Stabb, Jonathan Gray, Will Rowbotham, Tara Kromer, and Isaiah Washington. Blue Caprice is a narrative feature film inspired by the events known as the Beltway sniper attacks.

Concussion (Excerpt) (Stacie Passon)
Written and directed by Stacie Passon, produced by Rose Troche, and executive produced by Anthony Cupo and Cliff Chenfeld. By day, as her kids sit in school, a bored, wealthy, lesbian housewife from the suburbs becomes a prostitute for women.

El Empantanado (The Muddy) (Excerpt) (Felipe Echavarria)
Written and directed by Felipe Echavarria, produced by Maggie Drayton and executive produced by Dawson Peden and Egon Stephan Jr. While on vacation in the Florida Keys, a Colombian kidnap victim must decide whether to punish or forgive his best friend, his wife, and himself.

The Forgotten Kingdom (Excerpt) (Andrew Mudge)
Written and directed, by Andrew Mudge, produced by Cecil Matlou and TR Boyce, and executive produced by Terry Leonard. Returning to Lesotho to bury his father, a young man rediscovers the beauty and hardships
of the people and land he had forgotten.

Go Down Death (Excerpt) (Aaron Schimberg)
Written and directed by Aaron Schimberg, and produced by Vanessa McDonnell and Caroline Oliveira. A frail schoolboy, a sinister doctor, a disfigured outcast, incompetent soldiers, and others await their demise in this adaptation of folktales by Jonathan Mallory Sinus.

Hide Your Smiling Faces (Excerpt) (Daniel Carbone)
Written, directed and produced by Daniel Carbone, and produced by Matthew Petock, Zachary Shedd, and Jordan Bailey-Hoover. An atmospheric exploration of nature, grief, and mortality in rural America seen through the
eyes of two adolescent brothers who lose a close friend.

I Believe in Unicorns (Excerpt) (Leah Meyerhoff)
Written and directed by Leah Meyerhoff, produced by Heather Rae, and executive produced by Allison Anders.
A teenage girl avoids caring for her disabled mother by running away with an older boy, but not even unicorns can save her now.

Karaoke Girl (Excerpt) (Visra Vichit Vadkan)
Written and directed by Visra Vichit Vadkan and produced by Pornmanus Rattavanich and Samina Akbari. Balancing fact and fiction, dream and reality, “Karaoke Girl” follows Sa, a young country girl who works at a karaoke bar in Bangkok to support her family back home.

Land of Tomorrow (Excerpt) (Kimberly Levin)
Written and directed by Kimberly Levin, produced by Kurt Pitzer, and executive produced by Will Battersby and Julia Chasman. As financial pressures mount on her family’s farm-supply business, Betty commits an unthinkable crime for the sake of her husband and sons.

Alias Ruby Blade (Excerpt) (Alex Meillier)
Directed by Alex Meillier, produced by Alex Meillier and Tanya Ager Meillier, and executive produced by Abigail Disney and GiniReticker. One courageous woman risks everything for love of the imprisoned leader of a nation
struggling for freedom. Together they nurture the tumultuous birth of the world’s newest nation – Timor-Leste.

BIG JOY: The Adventures of James Broughton (Excerpt) (Stephen Silha and Eric Slade)
Directed by Stephen Silha and Eric Slade; produced by Stephen Silha, Eric Slade, and Max St. Romain, and executive produced by Stephen Silha and Jok Church. “Big Joy” illustrates the power of art and poetry to change lives, using the life and work of pansexual poet/filmmaker James Broughton as a lens.

Brave New Wild (Excerpt) (Oakley Anderson-Moore)
Directed and written by Oakley Anderson-Moore; produced by Alexander Reinhard. In 1950′s America, social outcasts risk their lives to start a revolution: climb rocks all the time.

For Thousands of Miles (Excerpt) (Mike Ambs)
Directed and produced by Mike Ambs, written by Mike Ambs and Erica Hampton. A story of a young man split between two lives, struggling to feel at home after a 60-day bicycle ride across the northern United States.

Lucky (Excerpt) (Laura Checkoway)
Directed by Laura Checkoway and produced by Laura Checkoway and Neyda Martínez. Orphaned as a child, Lucky Torres is a defiant survivor. Masked in tattoos, the Bronx lesbian is desperate to keep her son and escape poverty.

Our Nixon (Excerpt) (Penny Lane and Brian Frye)
Directed by Penny Lane and Brian Frye, produced by Penny Lane, and executive produced by Dan Cogan and Jenny Raskin. Never before seen Super 8 home movies of Richard Nixon’s closest aides – and convicted Watergate conspirators – offer an intimate and surprising glimpse into his presidency.

Purgatorio (Excerpt) (Rodrigo Reyes)
Directed and produced by Rodrigo Reyes; executive produced by Hugo Perez. Purgatorio brings together a universe of stories into a compelling cinematic experience that takes audiences into the very soul of life on the border.

Survival Prayer (Excerpt) (Benjamin Greené)
Directed and produced by Benjamin Greené. Survival Prayer celebrates the modern lifeways of a remote indigenous community against the backdrop of cultural loss and natural calamity.

These Birds Walk (Excerpt) (Bassam Tariq and Omar Mullick)
Directed by Bassam Tariq and Omar Mullick and produced by Bassam Tariq, Omar Mullick, and Valentina Canavesio. A portrait of contemporary Pakistan is created through the eyes of an ambulance driver and a runaway boy who call a humanitarian and his mission-based organization home.

Where God Likes to Be (Excerpt) (Nicolas Hudak and Anna Hudak)
Directed by Nicolas Hudak and Anna Hudak, and produced by Anna Hudak “Where God Likes to Be” portrays young Native Americans’ struggle to find their place in a 21st-century America that wants to forget the past.


Night Shining
Night Shining is the alias of Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist Mike Romeo. His recordings are self produced, recorded, performed and written, creating a dark blend of electronic and acoustic instruments with a focus on vocal harmonies.

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