Brooklyn Society For Ethical Culture

Indoors in the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

53 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn, New York 11215


Wednesday Dec 14, 2011

Brooklyn Society For Ethical Culture (Brooklyn)
Indoors in the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
53 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn, New York 11215

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The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (BSEC) is a congregation of individuals and families who choose to emphasize personal growth and social progress as high on their list of priorities. BSEC is a community of communities, attracting good people from all religious traditions, backgrounds, races, family configurations and sexual orientations.

We are a liberal religious and educational fellowship without formal creed or dogma. We hold a strong, shared faith in the potential of human beings to develop our compassion, wisdom, and ability to work together - to bring about a caring, just and sustainable world.

The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture was founded in 1906 to create a supportive community within which people learn, grow, raise families, and act to create a better, more humane world.

An Ethical Society is for people who care about becoming the best they can be, and who care about the disempowered. Together, we seek to raise the quality of our relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. We also seek to do our part to create a more just, loving and sustainable world for all.

We are an open society, welcoming of diverse families and individuals of all backgrounds.

We recognize the unique worth of every human being and celebrate the strength that comes from our diversity. We treat all people as having an inherent capacity for fairness. When we live by ethical principles, such as love, justice, honesty and forgiveness, we believe we will nurture harmony within ourselves and in our relationships with others.

Freedom of belief is a bedrock principle of Ethical Culture. We strive to stimulate our thinking with new insights, information, and inspiration so that both our understanding of the world and our capacity to act ethically grow deeper. That is how we realize the full capacity of our human spirit.


2, 3, 4 train to Grand Army Plaza or the F or G train to 7th Ave

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Phone: 718.768.2972

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