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Friday Dec 16, 2011
7:00PMDoors Open
7:30PMFilms begin

Union Docs
Indoors at Union Docs
L to Lorimer or G to Metropolitan


Free Show!
Thanks to the generosity of all filmmakers, distributors, and venues, all screenings will be free for all audience members. Seating for all screenings is limited, audiences are encouraged to arrive early.

Brooklyn documentary collective UnionDocs is opening its doors to a series of short films and multimedia projects from activists and filmmakers who documented the Occupy Wall Street movement or other activist actions.

Almost all of the films can also be watched online on the Rooftop Films Blog

The Films:

OWS Photos (Adrian Kinloch)

Right Here All Over (Alexander Mallis)
A new angle on Occupy Wall Street reveals the strong micro community that has formed there.

Between the Banks (Hank Linhart)
On May 1st, 1980, myself and three others installed about 300 army helmets at 7:30 AM at Chase Manhattan Plaza. The plaza is situated between several banks. We documented the illegal installation in super8. In 2004 I put the footage together into a 9 minute B&W film. Its more of a document than a documentary. In the end a security guard escorts me through the helmets to be arrested. It is a distant forerunner to the later occupation movement.
--Hank Linhart

Monday Morning in Zuccotti Park (Steve Bognar)
A simple short about an early morning in the park.

Occupy Wall Street (Martha Colburn)
Music by ZOMBY. made with the help of Tricia Gray. Shot on SUPER 8 and 16mm.

Bankers for Economic Justice (Adele Pham)
This is a very common scene down at Broadway and Liberty. Truly makes me hopeful, and I'm the cynical hippie!
--Adele Pham

Occupy Atlanta - Day and Night (Adele Pham)
Adele Pham, Ira Mckinley, and Messiah Rhodes are on the road visiting occupations in Ithaca, Albany, Wall Street, DC, Durham, and Atlanta. This is one of several videos that we will post about the movement. #OCCUPYATLANTA has had it's share of triumphs and controversies, we arrived after the occupation was cleared from Troy Davis Park (formerly Woodruff Park) and over 52 protesters were arrested. The world is watching to see what ATLANTA will do next.
--Adele Pham

Tent Monsters (Occupy Melbourne)
All our parks belong to us.

Fist Bump with Cops (Rumur, Inc.)

OCCUPY YOUR HOMES - Homeowners Speak Out (Messiah Rhodes)
Two homeowners, Jean Cassine of Queens Village and Mimi Pierre Johnson of Elmont, describe how the foreclosure crisis has caused angst and frustation for themselves, as well as their communities. They have been fighting for years to keep their homes and see the Occupy movement as an opportunity for others to do the same.

Occupy the DOE (Meerkat Media)
The Panel for Education Policy (or PEP), enacts policy for the New York City Dept. of Education - every member is appointed, not elected. A plurality of these voting members are selected by the Mayor directly. The PEP replaced the Board of Education when Mayor Bloomberg took control of the schools in 2002. It is intended to be a democratic forum where people voice concerns, prior to the panel's vote on educational policy. Today the panel is convening to discuss new standards being implemented in schools. 200 parents, teachers staff and students are in attendance.

We The People Have Found Our Voice (Iva Radivojevic and Martyna Starosta)
If it’s our sharing that makes us powerful, why return to normal?
This life is more worth living than the one we left behind.
--Leaflet, Solidarity March with Occupy Wall Street, October 5, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - The Eviction of Zuccotti Park (Laura Newman)Music by Frank London, Performed by Hungry March Band. Additional Footage by Omar Bilal Akhtar

The Morning After Eviction (Messiah Rhodes)
Awoken by glaring floodlights, and boots of over 1,000 riot police, #Occupywallstreet was evicted from Zuccotti Park during the early hours of Tuesday, November 15, 2011. More than 200 protesters were arrested and as the sun rose, the real test for the #occupy movement began.

#Occupy Bat Signal for the 99% (Mark Read)
Video from the #occupy bat signal crew. An inside/outside look at this series of inspiring projections that lit up the Verizon building in Lower Manhattan on November 17th.

Occupy Wall Street (New Left Media)

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