Rural Route 8:00PM
Short Film Program
$12 online or at the door.
Sunday Aug 7, 2011
7:45PMDoors Open
8:00PMLive music
8:30PMFilms begin

Brooklyn Grange
On the roof of Brooklyn Grange
Long Island City
37-18 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, New York 11101
Take the E, M, or R trains to 36th Street in Queens


This Show Presented in Partnership With
Rural Route Film Festival
New York Magazine

A program of enchanting animations, magical music videos, delirious documentaries and fantastical fictions, co-presented as the Closing Night of the Rural Route Film Festival.

In the modern age, with the world mapped, constructed and explained, we tend to think we know all there is to know. Could there be a place in New York City that doesn’t appear on maps (The Hole)? Could there be unseen alternate visions of the human-animal connection (Arsy Versy)? Could there be hateful forces at work, forces we don’t understand but know we must stop (Knife); or are there amorous forces that may keep us alive for all eternity (Pioneer)?

Join us as we slip into secret pastures, where plants are plotting unexpectedly, as in the film Plot, or as on the rooftop of this factory, at the Brooklyn Grange urban farm. The mysteries will not be solved at this screening. The mysteries will be sewn.

Co-presented as the Closing Night of the Rural Route Film Festival taking place all weekend long Aug. 5-7 down the street at the Museum of the Moving Image.


Plot (George Sander-Jackson | United Kingdom | 2 min.)

National Parks Project: Mystic Morning (Jamie Travis | Canada | 8 min.)

The Hole (Courtney Fathom Sell and Billy Feldman | New York, NY | 9 min.)

Arsy Versy (Miro Remo | 23 min.)
The film is a story of a mother and her son Lubos who lives in a world turned upside-down, or, arsy-versy. Lubos broke free from the world as generally conceived by others to arrive at the supreme human-nature symbiosis; he flew away to a planet purely inhabited by butterflies - intelligent beings. The sole focus of his life energy, enriched by a great deal of empathy, is being chanelled into his amateur photography and film making, the climax of his fascination with natural phenomenona being his unique study of bats. By way of communicating with the upside-down creatures he is fascinated with, he attempts to achieve the utmost understanding between man and beast. He is assisted by his mother who has been a great reaserch and life support to him, but is now apprehensive about her son’s future. „What will become of the kid?“ she wonders. Those who „knew“ him thought him lost up to the moment they saw the arsy-versy film; now it’s them who are losing it!

Nosy Bear (Fran Krause | Valencia, CA | 2 min.)
A curious bear finds an unfortunate hunter on his walk through the woods. Animated in a sketchbook with pen & ink.

Knife (James M. Johnston | Dallas, TX | 13 min.)
Knife is a searing portrait of vengeance. Set in rural Texas the story chronicles an unnamed man with a broken spirit. In the beginning we see him returning to his family. Where he’s been is unknown. Wherever it was – prison, maybe war – the years have not been kind to him. In spite of his family’s warm welcome the man can’t shake an anger that builds in him so he must leave them again. This time to return to the land that was once theirs, a land that had been in the family for generations, a land that has been stolen, plundered, and sewn with seeds of greed. There’s a force at work, a corruption that destroys homes, nature, families, and memories. The Man decides to lay his stakes down and pits himself against it all. He is on a ruinous mission to sate the hatred in his heart with the knife he carries in his hand.

Pioneer (David Lowery | Dallas, TX | 15 min.)
A father (Will Oldham) tells his little boy the most epic bedtime story ever.


Zachary Cale
Zachary Cale is a songwriter's songwriter, as prolific as he is original. His voice can be delicate for love or wry for satire. The ability to hear what is in a song has guided him well in the making of his own." -John Allen (WFMU)

“New York transplant, Zachary Cale’s folk sound is as beautifully raw as they come. Local audiences enjoy quietly reflective ballads from this shaggy haired musician. His unusual voice and poetic songwriting are pleasantly welcomed surprises.” -NYC’s BEST LOCAL MUSICIANS Bea Broderick (CBS NY)

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