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Wednesday Jul 6, 2011
7:00PMLive Music
8:30PMFilms Begin

Socrates Sculpture Park
on the grass along the water
Long Island City
32-01 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11106
Take the N or Q train to the Broadway stop in Queens and walk eight blocks west on Broadway (toward the East River) to the intersection of Vernon Boulevard.


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Free Show!

A collection of extraordinary new short films, all selected from the 2011 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, the premier short film festival in the world.

When we, as audience members, watch feature length films, we have a certain set of expectations. But when a filmmaker creates a short film, he or she is freed from some of those expectations, and therefore the short form allows filmmakers to take more chances and explore alternative cinematic techniques.

Because we are always searching for filmmakers who are creating genuinely new and unique work, each year Rooftop scours the globe, searching for the most inventive, daring, and breathtakingly entertaining short work being made worldwide. So we think that it means a lot when we say that nowhere have we encountered short work as consistently amazing as that which we see each year at Clermont-Ferrand. For decades, the films shown at Clermont-Ferrand have explored all the possible ways that stories can be told, all the different cinematic conventions that can be rejiggered. The films that play each February in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand defy expectations, break boundaries, and this program of shorts that we have selected from their 2011 slate includes some of the most wildly adventurous films being made in the world today—regardless of running time.

–Dan Nuxoll


Big Bang Big Boom (Blu | Italy | 10 min.)
This ingenious animation uses the city as its canvas in a short unscientific story about evolution and its possible consequences.

Turning (Saul Freed and Karni Arieli | UK | 10 min.)
On his sixth birthday Robert receives three beautiful broken old birds in his mother's sitting room. This is a memory of an afternoon with tea and cake, lacey pink slips and a tale of an emperor with no skin.

Man In a Room (RAfael Palacio Illingworth | USA, Switzerland, Mexico | 6 min.)
A man spends his time lying on his bed. His only company is a spider that dangles from the ceiling and a rat that watches him from a hole in the wall. Based on David Shrigley's graphic novel of the same title.

Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46 (Anthony Vouardoux | Germany | 14 min.)
After his landing on Jupiter moon Alpha 46, cosmonaut Yuri Lennon will be confronted with an extraordinary paradox.

Rubika (Claire Bauden, Ludovic Habas, Mickael Krebs, Julien Legay, Chao Ma, Florent Rousseau, Caroline Roux, Margaux Vaxelaire | France | 4 min.)
Welcome to Rubika, a cubical planet with unreal gravity.

Massive Attack: Splitting the Atom (Edouard Salier | France | 4 min.)
The last of the particles. Divisible, indivisible...

All Flowers In Time (Jonathan Caouette | Montreal | 13 min.)
An evil signal appears in the form of a Dutch TV show to bewitch and possess young girls and boys making them think they can shape-shift into other people and monsters

Suiker (Sugar) (Jeroen Annokkee | Netherlands | 7 min.)
Bert's scantily dressed neighbour, Klaasje, comes by to borrow a cup of sugar. Then things get steadily, comically, worse.

Loom (Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, and Csaba Letay | Germany | 5 min.)
A moth caught in a spider's web is swallowed by its predator, thus becoming an integral part of the very trap in which it had gotten stuck.


Les Sans Culottes
Les Sans Culottes is the revolutionary French rock n roll band created by Clermont Ferrand in 1998 and featuring Kit Kat Le Noir, Courtney Louvre, Jean L'Effete, Johnny Dieppe, Sid Vichyssoise, and of course, Jacques Strappe.

The "seven-headed beast from the hard-scrabble streets of Menilmontant," Les Sans Culottes borrowed their name from the ill-clad (i.e., long-trousered) citizen soldiers of the French Revolution. The famous disposers of the House of Bourbons have been on a binge ever since springing wholly-formed in the fashion of Pallas Athena from the forehead of band leader, Clermont Ferrand, in 1998, and features the only other continuous original member of the group Kit Kat Le Noir (the band has gone through over 25 different line-ups in their 10 year history with various back-up musicians). In fact, some former members tried to start another band with a remarkably similar concept to Les Sans Culottes in 2005, and even tried to call that second group "Les Sans Culottes." Since this band was already using that name, however, they were stopped by a court order.

The band's sound has variously been described as "Tristan Tzara and Little Richard in a knife fight," "Kim Fowley and Serge Gainsbourg in a game of pictionary," and "Laetitia Costa, Marcel Duchamp, Tuli Kupferberg, and Charo playing spin the bottle." Yet everyone agrees it has to be believed to be seen. It is Grand Guignol rock au maximum French rock for English speakers and others.

Les Sans Culottes take-no-prisoners live shows have "Earned a reputation forexcessively fabulous performances and intoxicatingly catchy pop music in the mold of Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Dutronc." (NY Daily News). "Their live show is a BUH-last, and they bring a veritable Cirque de SLAY stage presence." (DJ Terre T- WFMU). Both modern French Revolutionaries (by way of Brooklyn) and sartorially stylish (culotteless!) maverick rock n rollers Les Sans Culottes are coming to your town to help you party down -- after all, they're an americain band.

The band's new album "Le Weekender", released on Vibratone Records, is now available.

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