Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Saturday Aug 20, 2011
$10 online or at the door.
The Old American Can Factory
(On the roof)
Roof and Courtyard
232 Third St. at 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215
F/G to Carroll St. or R to Union

8:00PMDoors Open
8:30PMLive Music
9:00PMFilms Begin
11:00PMReception in Courtyard


This Show Presented in Partnership With
Sailor Jerry
XO Projects
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Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

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"Y'know how we fret that the music industry is collapsing, the big stars have fallen, so how do we 'make it' in an era of internet noise and blah blah blah? Lady Lamb a.k.a. Aly Spaltro is the antidote. When she delivers her poetic melodies with her intense rasp and the whole room holds its breath and a current bolts down the back of your neck, you will know in your bones that the only thing that matters is creating something true and performing it with all that you are."
-Boston Band Crush

"I want to write in grand, great detail about the first song and all the middle songs and that last song and then that last last song she played for the encore. I want to write about this songs in a way that does them justice because these songs that Lady Lamb the Beekeeper plays are profound and antique and filled with dusty corner shop curious and read like books I wish I knew when I was twenty-two and smoked and didn't care about things like taxes or dry-cleaning or cleanly shoveled driveways."
-Kapital Ink Magazine

"With poetic lyricism comparable to indie favorites Neutral Milk Hotel and Death Cab For Cutie, and a voice sounding like a combination of Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper has depth beyond her years. Her song "Up In The Rafters", a traditional-styled track that sounds like it's been sung for hundreds of years, is a perfect example of her old soul feel, whereas "crane Your Neck" perfectly showcases her impressive lyricism and face-melting skills."
-Tastemakers Magazine

"…That conflux of dreams and streams of consciousness put to paper is at the heart of what makes Lady Lamb's playful, pensive music so arresting. Just as striking are the tools by which she delivers it--with expressively elemental acoustic or electric guitar (and occasionally, banjo) and a direct, unvarnished voice that can sound simultaneously wise and full of wonder."
-The Boston Globe

"Many of [Aly Spaltro's] Lady Lamb compositions are like beautiful 1,000-piece sonic jigsaw puzzles. Key changes, tempo shifts, gentle-to-explosive vocals and seeming non sequester lyrics combine to make little symphonies."
-The Boston Herald

"Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is without a doubt one of the most outstanding musicians to come on to the New England music scene recently. "
-Desert Race Boston

"Lady Lamb the Beekeeper [is] energetic. Lead vocalist Aly Spaltro —-who is only 20 years old —-sings at max volume nearly all the time. And she doesn't even appear to put that much effort into it. All that power turns an act that could have easily been dismissed as too cutesy for its own good into a genuine force."
-The Portland Phoenix's "50 Best New Bands In America"

"Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (née Aly Spaltro) hails from Portland, Maine, and introduced herself as “her band.” Ballsy? Definitely, but she backed up her statement with her guttural, gorgeous voice reminiscent of Janis Joplin, without the twang. When she wasn’t assaulting her axe, she mesmerized the crowd with her voice alone, her lyrics dwelling heavily on the physical aspects of love, making use of animal metaphors. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper doesn’t look like a threat at first glance, but you’ll be hearing more from her. Money on it."

[LLBK] oscillates from beautifully constructed metaphors [I want to touch you like the sea touches the soil – I want to hold you like the milk holds the spoil] to statements so obvious that they become stunning [My hair was long – so I fucking cut it.] She commanded the audience with her every move.
-Playground Boston

"Aly powered through her set alone. There were no bells and whistles, just a girl and a couple of guitars, and the result was stunning. Aly's voice is deep and raw. During the dramatic parts of her songs she rocks out on her electric guitar and nearly sings herself hoarse. Then without warning her voice becomes soft and sweet."
-Brooklyn Vegan (on The Rock Shop's Grand Opening Show)

"[Lady Lamb] plays not only with her instrument, but with her entire being. She makes you feel each song, even if you don’t want to."

"It’'s as though Spaltro cast a net and captured those little thoughts that dart in and out of your head when you space out on long bus rides." "There’s little to no artistic pretension in her music, just a quarter-inch cable from her brain to your stereo."
-The Ampeater Review

"Lady Lamb The Beekeeper is the kind of young that makes you feel like you better step up your game in whatever you’re doing, the kind of poetic lyricist that makes you want to pick up a thesaurus and the kind of musician that gives you that little reminder on a grey day in New York why you get so excited by music in the first place."
-Get Glucky

"It’s difficult to imagine tiring of her fractured, multi-movement love songs when every time she sings them it’s as though she’s pouring — or ripping — her heart out for the first time."
-The Portland Phoenix (The editor, Christopher Gray's review Lady Lamb's opening set for Dr. Dog at Port City Music Hall, May 2010)

"Of all the acts I saw, she was the only one that got the entire audience to shut the hell up."
-Britcoal on SPACE Gallery's Dead of Winter, January 2009

"She took the stage with a Telecaster Thinline and a voice you can only have after smoking one too many cigarettes and she promptly proceeded to completely stun the audience...Definitely the highlight of the show." (on LLBK's opening set for Au Revoir Simone at T.T. The Bear's Place, July 2010)

"Mixing whimsy, garage rock, drumline percussion, poetry, childlike wonder, and weary sadness into an immediately accessible but totally unique sound, Aly Spaltro is truly a great new force in music. Her voice has cast a spell over many an audience, and her talent is sure to bring her far and wide. Discover her now while she is still a secret to this world."
-Will Ethridge, Eternal Otter Records

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