Rooftop Docs: Short Film Program
Short Film Program
$12 at the door - online tickets sold out

Sunday May 9, 2010
7:00Box office opens
7:30Doors Open
8:00Live Music
8:30Films begin
10:00Q and A and reception
In the event of rain, the screening will be rescheduled for a later date. Check for updates regarding the weather

Citipark Garage
On the Roof of Citipark Cumberland Garage
148 Cumberland Street, Toronto, ON, Canada


This Show Presented in Partnership With
Hot Docs

Incredible short documentaries from around the world, screened on a roof in Toronto as part of Hot Docs

This shorts program screens as part of Hot Docs' new Rooftop Docs Series on Friday, May 8, on the top outdoor tier of Citipark Cumberland Parking Garage. Enjoy live music, bar service courtesy of Steamwhistle, free popcorn from Whole Foods, and fantastic docs under the stars.


Arsy-Versy (Miro Remo | Slovakia | 23 min.)
A boy's best friend is his mother--or is it a bat? The delightfully strange 50-year-old Lubos lives with his mother and has a passion for bat photography. Bravely venturing into dark caves and mines, Lubos captures his winged friends on film. Arsy-Versy shows us life through Lubos' lens, where the aperture is wide open and the world is upside down. - Lynne Crocker

Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No (James Blagden | Brooklyn, NY | 4 min.)
An animated documentary that celebrates the greatest athletic achievement ever by a man on a psychedelic journey. If our evaluation of the records of athletes like Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Marion Jones, and Barry Bonds needs to be revised downwards with an asterisk, Blagden submits that that Dock Ellis' record deserves a giant exclamation point.

Inuit High Kick (Alethea Arnaquq-Baril | Canada | 2 min.)
Powerful. Precise. Poetic. The traditional Inuit sport of high kick requires incredible physical strength and concentration, rendered in this minimalist documentary as a sophisticated dance-like movement in cinematic slow motion. Visually, Inuit High Kick is a compelling study of human locomotion. Cinematically, it is a clear celebration of ancient culture. - Alex Rogalski

Peter in Radioland (Johanna Wagner | Scotland | 10 min.)
Feeling lost in a world overpowered by 1s and 0s, Peter finds solace in the warmth of his bed and the familiar sound of analog radios. Johanna Wagner creates a tender portrait of her father, who is taking time off from his job to battle depression. His home, a shrine to analog artifacts of the past, shields him from the overwhelming and ever-advancing world outside. - Lynne Crocker

The Freshwater Plague (Jake Chirico | Canada | 10 min.)
Apocalyptic invasion or temporary inconvenience? The annual life cycle of the shadfly and its effects on the inhabited shores of North Bay show a civilization in conflict with nature. At once humorous and horrifying, the examination of this localized infestation reflects broader issues of sterilized urban settlements where nature is scheduled and controlled. - Alex Rogalski.

Time's Up (Jan Peters, Marie-Catherine Theiler | Germany | 15 min.)
For Jan Peters and Marie-Catherine Theiler, looming deadlines, extended to-do lists, and buzzing cell phones form the pressure cooker that is their modern urban life. Upon news of Marie-Catherine’s pregnancy, the two decide it’s time to slow down. Time’s Up is their “experiment in time management.” Seeking out experts from physicists to yoga instructors, they examine with wit and irony the indefinable concept of time. Lynne Crocker.

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