Fears and Fantasies
Short Film Program
$10 Online or at the door
Saturday Jun 5, 2010
8:00Doors Open
8:30Live Music by Dinosaur Feathers
9:00Films begin
11:30After Party with FREE Radeberger Pilsner at Fontana's (105 Eldridge St.)
In case of rain, the screening will be held indoors at the same location.

The roof of New Design High School (formerly Open Road)
Lower East Side
350 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002
F, J, M, Z to Delancey Street-Essex Street; B, D, Q to Grand Street


This Show Presented in Partnership With
New York Magazine
Free Radeberger Pilsner at the after party!

A fun, frantic program of films about losing your grip on reality . . . and loving it.

Sometimes the world becomes beautifully unstable, and all we can do is wander through the wilderness and wonder. Sometimes life gets so spectacularly painful we can only wait out the agony in awe. And sometimes the line between reality and fantasy is so bizarrely blurred we withdraw alone into the armoires of our imagination. But these magnificent mysteries of existence are there for everyone to enjoy. Our collective imaginary friends could be telling us something meaningful. The secrets of our zeitgeist reveal plain and important truths. This program of dazzling short films will disturb and delight you, and remind us all that our deepest fears and our favorite fantasies are never far apart.
- Mark Elijah Rosenberg

Prior to the films we will be screening The Hardest Working Coach in America, presented by Mitchum. The video is part of The Hardest Working Person in America, a campaign to find, highlight and reward the hardest working man or woman in the country based on video submissions to the contest site mitchumhardestworking.com. A collaboration between Hollywood director Brett Ratner, filmmaker Albert Maysles and photographer Brigitte Lacombe, the campaign comes to life in a series of documentary films, a television special, and in digital and print. The Hardest Working Person in America celebrates the great American tradition of hard work and is proudly brought to you by the Hardest Working anti-perspirant in America, Mitchum.

Presented in partnership with: IFC, New York magazine, Radeberger, Open Road NY, New Design High School, Fontanas, the NYC Council Manhattan Delegation & NYS Senator Daniel L. Squadron


Glottal Opera (John Fink | Australia | 4 min.)
We move further into the mouth for a mesmerizing look at music.

Jalkeilla Taas [Up and About Again] (Maarit Suomi-Vaananen | Finland | 9 min.)
Dreamlike images depict a saloon car, covered in a thick layer of snow and ice, driving through a post-apocalyptic summer landscape. Something inexplicable has turned an otherwise ordinary day upside down. Pain is hidden, but bursts forth in explosions and death metal. maaritsuomi.fi

Ledo and Ix Go to Town (Emily Carmichael | Brooklyn, NY | 7 min.)
What exactly do video game characters do when we're not around? What if they chat and bicker like we do, wonder and dream like we do, feel boredom and dread like we do, despite being 48 pixels tall? An eight-bit tribute to Waiting for Godot, Carmichael returns to Rooftop with another film in the Ledo and Ix series, using the visual vocabulary of retro video games to explore the human fear of both the unknown and the known. kidcandrive.com

Little Face (Matthew Walker & Ben Lole | United Kingdom | 10 min.)
Nathan never imagined he would see Little Face again. Little Face always hoped. Rooftop alum Matthew Walker uses his striking animation skills to draw the imagination into reality. worldofarthurcox.com

Mi Amigo Invisible [My Invisible Friend] (Pablo Larcuen | Spain | 13 min.)
The painfully shy Tomas isn't sure he wants an imaginary friend, but maybe his parents know best.

The Armoire (Jamie Travis | Canada | 22 min.)
Eleven-year-old Aaron plays a game of hide and seek in which his friend Tony is never found. The mystery of their relationship-and of their queer attachment to the armoire in Aaron's bedroom-can only be revealed, it turns out, through hypnosis. The latest in a series of wondrous spectacles of alienation and longing from Rooftop vet Jamie Travis. thearmoire.ca

Uncertain Camera (Kazuhiro Goshima | Japan | 13 min.)
Eye-popping images of the world disassembling and restructuring. goshiman.com

Wisdom Teeth (Don Hertzfeldt | Fremont, CA | 5 min.)
In the new animated film from Academy Award nominee and Rooftop Filmmakers' Fund recipient Don Hertzfeldt, Nigel has his delicate wisdom teeth surgery checked on by a kindly friend. bitterfilms.com

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