Thursday Jul 8, 2010
$10 at the door or online

8:00Doors Open
8:30Live music by Sunset
9:00Films begin
In case of rain, the screening will be held indoors at the same location.


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Sunset (Austin)

Official Link:

Biography of the group by their friend Johan:
What can I say? Music is a tool that is best served warm. These writings of the Internet can never do justice to real live music. That said, I will try to talk about a group called Sunset.

Sunset is a musical ensemble founded by Bill Baird, formerly sound team, from the musical hotbed of Austin, Texas. They play folk and traditional music with a twist of electronic components, perhaps some vocal harmony. Features drums, bass, some analogue keyboards, guitars, and the general listening pleasure.

Ancient forests under majestic mountains, the two sides leading your feet back to the sordid music clubs that we all know and love. Moving between the two sides, both because they are just different aspects of the same coin. Real beauty can be found in the dirt.

This brings us to the music itself. That does not mean that music is one of the unpleasant dirt or other matter I talked about, but simply because the variety of the music is on a large scale, as in life itself. Which can lead to cognitive dissonance in some, but
so be it. Expansive great United States of America as backdrop to their live music as extending of the american songbook.

Sunset also happen as friends of mine and they are teaching me to speak and write English, and I am very grateful. Soon I will be able to understand the texts of their songs.

"Bill Baird may be one of the more astounding songwriters tangling up tape in America right now. " -- RCRDLBL

"The important thing to keep in mind in regards to Bill's solo project, however, is that these songs are genius." --Gorilla vs Bear

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